I recently discovered this perfume originally through a good friend. These perfumes are honestly both our new favs.

“Dead Sexy” #06 is a sexy, musky, matured scent that leaves hints of ebony and exotic wood with a deep finish of vanilla. The scent itself doesn’t stick too well on the skin so I usually apply this to my clothing and a squirt above my head to let it fall on my hair. Honestly this perfume is DEAD FUCKING SEXY.

“Honey & The Moon” #10 is a lovely, musky vanilla scent with sweet honey, sugared violet, jasmine and sandalwood which is my absolute favorite. The sweet, woody scents are obviously perfect for the autumn and winter. Honey & The Moon is quite a bit sweeter than the Dead Sexy scent, it leaves a sweet honey, sandalwood scent behind which is absolutely memorizing.

These bottles cost $29 each and worth every penny! If you’re interested in getting these for yourself, or finding a scent for YOU! Check out their website, they have so many different scents! <3 http://www.tokyo-milk.com/t/parfum

perfume_02Thanks for reading <3


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Hello lovely people of all kinds <3 The last two days i’ve been working on some updates! I’ve updated my Photography page so go and check out the new photos i’ve posted from a couple of shoots I did! And I also created a Promo Work page where my paid graphic work/designs are there for your viewing! I also made a simple banner for my youtube channel so now it actually looks like a channel, with a video for viewing on the page as before it was just a bunch of shite. Come have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/lifewithmizlulu and subscribe if you’re not already! x

I always love hearing what you guys think about my work so I would love for anyone and everyone to leave me some feedback!


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♡ E.L.F HAUL ♡

elf_09Recently I purchased some products from eyeslipsface.com. I have a few brushes and a couple of face products to share with you lovely birds today ♡


First i’ll start off with brushes. The elf stipple brushes have been my favorite since the day I tried them. I use my small stipple brush for foundation and the regular stipple brush for blush. I know some people use the regular stipple brush for foundation however I find it leaves my foundation a bit streaky, resulting using the denser small stipple brush :)


elf_01I will start top to bottom with this photo underneath.

First is the “Professional Eyelash & Brow Wand” I use this for my eyebrows and sometimes my eyelashes after I have applied mascara and my lashes need some help separating to where i’d like them to be.

Second is the “Flat Eyeliner Brush” which I use to fill in my eyebrows using my eyebrow kit from elf (not shown, purchased at an earlier date). This brush works really great for making a strong line/edge for your eyebrows :)

Third is the “Flawless Concealer Brush” which I am new to. All the other brushes have been repurchases, this concealer brush so far has worked pretty good for me. I’m sure i’ll gain a better relationship with it over time.

Last here is the “Blending Brush” which is also a new brush for me and i’ve already fallen in love with it ♡ This brush is the perfect blending brush! It blends my eyeshadow soooo freaking nicely, you must give it a try!

ALL OF THESE BRUSHES COSTS   $1  –  $3     <– Honestly can’t go wrong.


elf_04Next I have the “BB Cream – Broad Spectrum – SPF 20″ and the “HD Lifting Concealer” both in the shade “Fair” which works lovely for my skin tone. I haven’t had any problems with this bb cream oxidizing and turning any kind of orange colour. I find BB creams can usually end up looking a bit fake-orange colour after being opened for however long, quite unpleasant.

I’m new to using concealers, this is my very first one. It’s definitely thicker then the BB Cream (wanting to have a heavy coverage on certain spots). I found it dried pretty quickly on my skin, so make sure when you’re applying this to only do it in one or two spots, blend those spots out and then move on to your next area. Otherwise you will find a build up on your skin which can also be quite unpleasant.

BB Cream – $6.00   http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/face/tinted_moisturizer/bb_cream_spf_20

HD Lifting Concealer – $3.00   http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/face/concealer/hd_lifting_concealer


elf_05On the left we have the “HD Powder” which is a translucent mattifying powder. I’ve used coloured powder since I started playing with makeup. This is a nice change not having extra colour added onto your foundation, I find that can make it look a bit cakey at times.

This HD Powder was $6.00 which is a bit pricey for e.l.f products. But still very affordable! http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/face/powder/high_definition_powder

Next I bought the “Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder” which I honestly could have gone a shade lighter. The blush is definitely a bit dark for me, the bronzer is dark so its easy to over do it but it’s also easy to build  :)

This Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzer costs $3.00.  http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/face/blush/contouring_blush_and_bronzing_powder

Last is the “Studio Baked Highlighter”. This product you can definitely build, the pigment isn’t very strong so I haven’t played with it much. If anyone has any suggestions on what brush to use with the highlighter that would be fab ♡

The “Studio Baked Highlighter” costs $3.00 http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/face/shimmer/baked_highlighter

So this is all for this time from e.l.f, I hope everyone enjoyed this post!

Do you love elf? What are your favorite products from them? Would love to hear!

Also if you’re interested in watching me haul/review these products follow this link: http://youtu.be/H44Eqtt_O60


Miz Lulu


My First Lip Monthly Subscription


The month of October I received my very first LipMonthly subscription. I had only watched a video or two before jumping on the website to order my very own. Not knowing really what to expect (besides perhaps a bunch of lip products?!) I was happy to see they had sent me 5 different products!

My first product revealed was this noyah cherry lip balm, which glides nicely onto your lips as if it were a stick of butter. The familiar cherry scent isn’t too strong, but quite subtle and lovely. This product is full size, worth $3.99.




 Next I pull out this lip sugar by Starlooks. Basically just a brown sugar mixed with a bit of oil, very simple to make at home. I definitely would never purchase something like this, but it will be interesting to try out. This is a full size product and you can buy any 5 for $10.



 Next I have this lip shimmer by Devine in the shade “pinot noir” <– I’m such a wino, i literally love this thing simply because of the colour name hehe. This lip shimmer is very smooth and lush <3  This product is full size, costing $4.95.



I’m not really in need of pencil liners, I personally never really use them and Ipsy likes to include them quite often, I feel. This eyeliner by L.A. Girl is in the shade Navy <– No idea when I will use this. Maybe i’ll find someone who could get some use out of it. This product costs $3.00 and is cruelty free, which is rad! <3



So my last and most favorite item I received in this LipMonthly bag is this lovely nude lipstick by JCats. I personally never have worn a nude lip, and I honestly slightly obsessed with this colour. This nude lip works so well with my fair skin. I’M SHOCKED, I AM TURNING INTO A LOVER OF THE NUDE LIP. Do you like nude lips?

This is a full size product at the cost of $2.99, they have sooo many shades and this applies very nicely!



If you’d like to see my video on my unbagging of this LipMonthly’s bag! Follow this link –> http://youtu.be/-NL9ssZYIRU

Thanks for reading!


Miz Lulu


October Ipsy Glam Bag


Another month, another ipsy beauty bag <3 This month’s beauty bag theme was “Beauty Candy”. As you can tell the bag this month looks a bit like a candy bar, or jolly ranchers! <3 As these next 6-8 months here in Canada are going to be chilling and our skin will be getting dry & rough, Ipsy has included a few things to keep us moisturized & soft!

First here, I have this hand cream by Figs & Rouge. This hand cream goes for £3.95 which is around $6 Canadian. I love this handcream it is soo soo yummy! With hints of mango, mandarin and shea butter, this hand cream smells absolutely delectable!



Next Ipsy has included this facial exfoliant by Epice which I have yet to try because I am currently obsessed with my St.Ive’s Green Tea Scrub. This exfoliant is definitely next on the list though. This 1 oz bottle only costs $4.99 and on the site you can actually get a sample size half the size for only $1.


  • Micro-fine polyspheres gently exfoliate removing excess dead cells and environmental debris.
  • Exfoliation helps open pores, which increases excretion of toxins.
  • Packed with emollients, humectants and barrier protectors to hydrate dry, irritated skin.
  • Smoothes skin as it cleans.



Next is something I had no idea even existed. A BB cream, FOR YOUR HAIR! How exciting is this?! This is the smaller size I received worth $4.00, the full product is 4.2 oz for $30.  “Including Acacia Collagen, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Silk Amino Acids, Jojoba Oil and Monoi Oil, A phenomenon in haircare…Finally, an all in one styling cream that is amazingly light, incredibly versatile and harnesses the moisturizing and protective power of Acacia Collagen™ for ultimate repair.” I’m excited to give this stuff a go! & I’ll make sure to write a full review on this new intriguing hair product!



 Next I have this super lovely Mineralized Baked Eyeshadow by Jesse’s girl in the shade “Rosemary Frost” which I think is such a lovely name for it. This shadow is rather pigmented with shine and leaves a really nice glowy feel. I would even consider using this as a highlighter! This is a full product at the price of $3.99.



Last in this months bag, I received this Be Matte Lipstick by City Color in the shade “Cappuccino”. I honestly don’t really see the Cappuccino colour for this matte lipstick, I find it’s more of a peachy, sandy colour on the lips. Either way it is a super lovely shade for this season! This is a full sized products at the price of $5.00.



So that wraps up October’s Ipsy Glam Bag! I was very happy with this months bag, as I am every month :) If you’d like your own ipsy subscription follow my link here!: http://www.ipsy.com/r/2kho?sid=ipsypoints&cid=general


If you’d like to watch my youtube unbagging of this ipsy bag follow this link: http://youtu.be/xMsmZ-J1MN8

Much love my lovely birds <3


Miz Lulu



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