*₊˚⁎ Baby Shower ⁎˚₊*


 This was actually my first ever baby shower that i’ve attended. Not to mention there were three pregnant women at this baby shower. So i’m sure i’ll be attending more baby showers. ERRYBODY IS GROWING UP!! OMAGAWD!!

The theme of the shower was purple & gold, chocolate & butterflies! Because our hunnie Maria LOVES her butterflies & her purple + chocolate <3IMG_2330  IMG_2301 IMG_2298 IMG_2279 IMG_2348 IMG_2320

My two beauty besties <3 Who are actually BOTH pregnant! CRAY! The one on the right, the shower was for and our friend on the left just found out she’s having TWINS!! WOOH! SO MUCH BABY GOODNESS <3IMG_2315IMG_2308IMG_2336IMG_2294IMG_2343

We all wrote a wish for the baby and left them on the flower/middle piece display for the mama to read with her hubby when he got back home :) I wasn’t really sure as of what to wish for the baby besides a “happy and healthy life” which i’m sure it already has because these two are health nuts <3IMG_2393IMG_2389IMG_2300

Overall it was a super cute & loving babyshower!


Miz Lulu


August Favorites


This Summer has been an interesting one. Probably one of the most heartbreaking, sad, unproductive summers i’ve had. It had its amazing moments that I wouldn’t give up for this world, but there are some people that I really wish were still with us, who we unfortunately lost this summer. It’s been a crazy Summer of unfortunate events, remember to remind those who you love, say what’s on your mind and stay true to yourself. This life is short and precious. Happy that this Summer is over, and excited to take on the Fall, lets get into these favorites.


I will start left to right just to cause less confusion :P So there is my tattoo choker & scrunchie <–obviously a 90’s kid. (I’m currently working on opening an online store. You’ll be seeing more of my products here and there before my store launches..) Tattoo chokers being one of those things you’ll be able to get in my store ^.^ The scrunchie came in a pack of 8 just from any old drugstore.

I got the black obsidian buddha head necklace at the PNE in Vancouver. “Obsidian rock forms from molten lava that cooled very quickly and had no time to form into glass. It is said to be a type of volcanic glass… and is found in a number of places worldwide. Black Obsidian is a very protective stone. It is said to form a shield against negativity and to absorb negative energies from the environment. Because of this it should be cleansed regularly in running water.”

The three bracelet’s I have this month are all going to be available in my store when I launch it this Fall (hoping this fall, fingers crossed!) :D! The white buddha head & turquoise buddha head are both made of turquoise stone. The black bracelet with a gold buddha head is made of natural obsidian stone, the same as my necklace.IMG_1698

I bought both pairs of these plugs (for my ears) from http://bodyjewelrysource.com/ I only ever buy plugs when they’re onsale.. almost like everything else I shop for :P They always have new sales and deals on so go and check out their selection if you’re interested ^.^


I know it was a little early to bust out the gingerbread tea.. But seriously this tea is so effing tasty, and comforting. I usually heat almond milk, with two of these tea bags in a pot so I can have a couple cups full. The cup I featured in my mini Vancouver haul, I bought it at an Art Market at a farm in Cultus Lake, it was quite cute if i do say so mahself ;) The jar of substance on the right of the stump is this lovely body butter my girlfriend made for me <3 It smells like lemon marring pie(<–don’t know spelling) , it’s AMAZING and all natural && very moisturizing ^.^ Love you Maria if you’re reading this!


Last is this tasty smelling candle I purchased at Target. MY GOODNESS I AUGHTA SAY THAT TARGET CANDLE ISLE.. I spent a good half hour choosing what candles I wanted to flutter my house with! There is SO many good ones.IMG_1730

Love you all <3 How was your summer? Are you excited for Fall?

Hello to all my new followers! Welcome to the family <3!





Business Cards! Miz Lulu Designs


My loveliest of lovely birds <3 My Miz Lulu Designs business cards have finally arrived! please have a look and leave your thoughts!

If any of you need any graphic design work done, business cards, posters, banners/headers, blog design, background images ANYTHING, shoot me a message @ mizluludesigns@gmail.com

IMG_1597 IMG_1602IMG_1616IMG_1592IMG_1607IMG_1576




Miz Lulu


August Ipsy, Beauty Schooled


August’s Ipsy bag’s theme this month was “Beauty Schooled” for obvious reasons of people going back to school soon. In the USA already, but here in Canada we don’t start usually until the first week of September. With the huge teacher strike though i’m not sure if we will be headed back to school too soon kidz!

On with the bag.

If you’re interested in signing up for your own monthly subscription to Ipsy, just $10 a month (+ $6.75 for shipping to Canada) follow my ipsy link here:  http://www.ipsy.com/r/2kho?sid=ipsypoints&cid=generalIMG_1486

This months bag was a very cute white with orange polka dots, pencil bag. It’s a vinyl material and I think my brushes may make their way into it for traveling :D


I haven’t tried this mascara out yet, but I know there’s a lot of hype goin’ around about it. Which leaves me slightly excited to try it, however we’ll see how it works out.


This is just a sample size, the regular size is twice the size of this one at the cost of $22.

If you want to purchase the full size, it comes with a lash primer ^.^



This lip balm “YOU’RE THE BALM” in the flavour GRAPE! I gotta tell ya… I’m totally sold by the packaging. The flavour/scent itself is a tad strong for my liking however I shall continue to douse my lips with it because its cute as fuuck. It doesn’t give any tint to my lips that i’ve noticed, or sparkles although there is sparkly bits in the balm. IMG_1503

This product comes in two, therefor I suppose this is sample size at the cost of $2.50 being half the price/product. The other half to this is a green apple flavoured balm which I would be down for trying. Perhaps i’ll be purchasing these in the future.




This is another sample size product. The pore refiner primer by Dr.Brandt I have also yet to try. I haven’t really been wearing much makeup this summer, trying to give my skin a break. This product, full size is worth $45, so in that case I will be giving it a try and i’ll let you guys know how it works out.

This is a face primer, for you who don’t know what that is, primer helps with :

  • minimizing the appearance of pores by diffusing light
  • blurs imperfections & lines
  • erases shine & mattifies skin
  • absorbs oil, reduces shine and helps regulate sebum production
  • antibacterial action for healthy skin
  • acts as a shield to prevent make-up from clogging pores



This little blush set sample from Coastal Scents, not gunna lie.. Pretty darn cute. I do like the colours of the blush so I think we will make a decent friendship over the fall, oh yeah! Who’s excited for fall?? :D !! Much EXCITE! I can’t wait for candles, tea, hot chocolate, scarves, pretty colours, falling leaves, rain… OOOOH THE EXCITEMENT!IMG_1518

These are both blush samples shades “enchanting & delicate” I’m getting excited to try these out typing about them :D

A full size of one of these blushes cost’s $7.95, you can find them here:


There’s actually a decent selection, oooh I can’t wait to try!


My last sample this month is this black pencil eyeliner by LORD & BERRY. It just seems like an average black eyeliner, good pigment. Itty bitty. This sample reminds me of when your eyeliner is getting low, and you start thinking about your next eyeliner. Anywho, i’m not much of a pencil eyeliner wearer.. So.. this will probably come in handy in the future one day.

Obviously a sample size, full size product costs $18



So that wraps up what I got in my August Ipsy Glam Bag, I hope you cats out there enjoyed my post! Annddd i’ll see you in my next post :D <3

Enjoy the summer while ya got it ;3


Miz Lulu

A Wee Collective Haul


Currently spending a couple of days in Chilliwack with my Fiance visiting his Dad and Step-mother. Earlier this afternoon we went to an market called “Art on the farm”. I came across a lovely collection of pottery a woman had crafted with her pottery wheel. This mug here only cost me $20. Which I personally think is a bangin’ deal because where I live, our pottery shop is at least $45 for a crafted mug, which I have never purchased but always thought they were quite lovely. IMG_1426A couple of days before we came to Chilliwack we hit up our local “drugstore” and chose a few on sale perfumes/colognes. Unfortunately there were no testers… And we really didn’t feel like bothering the lady stocking the shelves with makeup galore, so we just went ahead and chose a couple random ones that appealed to us. My fiance’s better than mine, I chose two that I am not fond of either, HOWEVER i WILL find a time and place to wear these, plus they will still look nice on my desk :P



This Jennifer Aniston scent definitely reminds me of an older mature woman, mom like… about 5’4, nice blond hair.. KIDDING. Not about the mature scent though, I can’t really describe the actual aroma’s in both of the perfumes I purchased for myself and for the first time, i’ve noticed there is no actual description or the scent AT ALL, on either of them.



 Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood is more… flowery.. i think.. It’s a bold scent, kinda pretty, has a slight sweetness to it. In the end it kind of smells like baby powder.. Not sure if it was a mix of smells from the other scents in the room (which wasn’t really anything) I do really like the packaging and the bottle it came in. It came with a “wearable bracelet” I think i’ll probably leave it on the bottle because i like the way it looks. 



It’s a Burberry Weekend my friends. We’re hittin up playland tomorrow and my fiance is mos def makin it a burberry a-fair. Hopefully i’ll be able to capture some moments for you lovely birds! This is a typical delicious man smell that girls shouldn’t be able to resist. Myself included. I can’t describe it other than delicious man scent.



If anyone is looking for a new pair of running shoes that make you SUPER EXTRA FAST, you should go to your local sportcheck and try these babies on. Free Run 4.0 which me and my fiance each got a pair. Yes, people.. it’s happening. Me and my boyfriend  fiance are now buying matching clothing. Honestly never thought it would get to this point. LOL. Although his have a nice coral colour instead of this pale turquoise.



IMG_1428 IMG_1433


I somehow miss placed all 3 of my blushes, resulting picking up this Annabelle SkinTrue Blush in the shade “sorbet”. I only saw three shades and this one seemed most popular so I grabbed it with no hesitation. I thiiiiink i paid $8.00 for this.. I totally forget.. 



I finally jumped on the wagon for essie and to be brutally honest I have no idea what the hype is all about. This product has been waaaay over hyped and not worth it at all. I’ve never paid over $4.00 for a nail polish and i paid $8.00 FOR EACH OF THESE WHICH I COULD HAVE GOT A MEER 4 NAIL COLOUR. The “marshmallow” white colour on the right is literally like painting marshmallows on your nails. YES, i shook the beep out of it and I painted 3 coats which still left streaks on my nails. It’s never fun having to paint 4 coats of nail polish on just to make a solid colour. I have yet to try the “take me to oasis” pale light blue colour on the left but.. perhaps tomorrow. &&&&& I picked up another babylips, this will be my 3rd lipbalm by them and i laaav them. I can TOTALLY understand the hype for Babylips they’re $3.00 a piece and there is plenty of different ones to choose from, including the medic line which is for super chaps and dehydrated lips! 


Thanks for reading :D 


Miz Lulu



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