Bad case of cabin fever.

The sun is out but yet i still do not want to be around people. It’s a beautiful day and i should take myself for a walk. I came to my mums last night because i needed to get away from the shore i felt like i was going….. crazy.

I’m tired of not having my own friends, i have friends but they are not originally mine they do not know me well enough and i did not choose them. i literally do not have one of my close friends around who knows me, who i don’t have to be nervous about what they will say behind my back. I need someone around me that i don’t feel out of place. I don’t feel as though i belong where i am living..,. I have thoughts about moving to Vancouver but it is so fucking expensive i feel like it will never happen, other thoughts about moving to Montreal it’s just so far away but i guess thats what i am going for. Time to start house shopping online and getting an idea of what life could be elsewhere.

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