What were your new year resolutions? If you had any.

I never have really had one that i’ve followed through with.. Nothing that was too important. This year is different, i set my goal for being published this year sometime. It’s only the beginning of April and i can already taste it. I have quite a few submissions lined up for my retouching with various photographers i’m working with. So because i believe in myself and believe that i will be publish in the near future my next goal is going to start taking place.

In the summer or late spring when we make it down to Vancouver (me and my boyfriend that is) I will be setting up appointments for castings to become an agency model. It may not be as glamorous as we all think but i really would like to give it a chance for i am tall skinny and am told i am photogenic, i love photography but would like to come into the fashion industry from multiple angles if possible! So i am starting to eat very healthy starting today, no wheat and less meat! haha that can be my new slogan! 😛 I’m going to be drinking tons of water and taking my vitamins. I am also going to start exercising 3 times a week is my goal. Mondays is turbo fitness for 45 minutes at the gym with the ladies from the shore, i’m going to start walking along the road that goes along the lake side so i can get my beauty in as well! I would like to start doing more yoga so i become more flexible.

Saying all this will hopefully help motivate me,i might as well post a before an after image for my progress and what not.

If any of you are interested in doing this with me, it could help us both have more motivation so if anyone is interested in getting healthy and in shape! Let me know!

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