Scatter for Brains.

I don’t know about you, but i am all over the place a lot of the time doing as many things as possible in a day. I finally had the motivation to get my sewing machine out finally after having it under my desk for a year and a half haunting me. So i have it on top of my desk now, looking up the manual that i don’t have while watching low budget horror movies. I got the Midnight Horror collection vol 8 and 9 i believe is somewhere which they both contain 8 movies on each collection.

I guess i am suppose to be around an interview tonight which i’m not really apart of so i don’t see the point of me being there. I am also working with an agency photographer and have a bunch of photo’s i’m working on to be on the agency website and in portfolio’s which is sweet and productive on my side of things. No money involved yet but that’s why i have to get onto an agency website with my edits and being published in a magazine before anyone should really want to pay me anyways for work! Although i did get one offer and i haven’t gotten to it because i feel like i’m juggling too much right now that i forgot about the dishes i had soaking in the hot water, went back did the dishes made tea and here i am with my sewing machine unthreaded.



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