Hello hello my lovely birds,

So.. today i started my three times a week fitness routine, I went to “turbo jam” and killed it on the 3 pound weights hahaha 45 minute intense workout now i’m at home was suppose to go next door for a turkey dinner for a buddies birthday who we celebrated the other night.. I showed up with my plate there was really loud electronic music going and a room full of people smoking every single person was smoking for a non smoker it was very disgusting and i could hardly breathe. I go to the kitchen and the person cooking is smoking over top of the turkey! So i ended up feeling really sick and coming home. Now i have carrots and cauliflower on the stove steaming 🙂 easier to not over eat this way because i am a professional over eater.
Now i’m going to start downloading some video footage for the campaigne video and i have a poster that i’ve put aside very many times by accident and cannot forget to get working on that after this video!

Okay well that’s all for now, sad that The Carrie Diaries are at an end of the season.. Thank goodness for Bates Motel!

Here’s a doodle from tonight.

Edit: I’m guilty my boyfriends making midnight pancakes hehehe

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