I realized.

Soo my lovely birds i realized the other day when i weighed myself i had lost the 15 pounds i wanted to lose the last 4 months from eating right and exercising once or twice a week. So.. i said in a blog earlier i was going to do before and after photo but now i don’t have a before photo and i’m already down 15 pound haha. Well.. down back to what i have been for the last 5 years that is. I gained 15-20 pounds this past year haha which has never happened! i got up to 140lbs. So i was kind of freaking out.. so i slowly cut out wheat more and more ate better things tried to cut out all the bad shit that i was feeding myself.. im ranting. thats what this blog is for i suppose. HOWEVER, since i have already reached my goal pretty much i still would like to stay healthy and fit. So i will be logging what i do and sharing links to workouts and what not that i do.. i’ll try and take photo’s of the food i eat too 🙂 Not that i think anyone who might actually be reading this whole thing would be interested in any of this but this is purely for me and not for you 😉

In other news, headed to town briefly today to pay some bills and get some… pizza… hahaha fuck me. but that’s only cause i’m going to town! ANNNDDD i’m not gunna be a fat ass and eat half the pizza i’ll probably only have two pieces. i neeeeeed my veggies. Hopefully going to finished or near finish the campaign video today if my friend gets her shit together.

Also, gettin mah hair did on friday… i’m not really sure what i want to do with it i just need something!!!! I feel so dull right now </3 its getting long and im excited i’m might do more of an actually ombre hair rather than hey my roots grew out and it looks ombre 😉 so i’m thinking maybe a darker colour for the top? although i was thinking once the sun is out my roots will go more blonde… ughhh decisions decisions.

Anywho that’s all for now,

Stay Crazy.

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