Aside from the flailing of a crazy woman..

Other than my not so productive slacking of awesomeness, the sun has been blazing this past week. My shoulders are a deep red of tenderness and i am feeling rather creative. I figured it was time to pull my big girl socks up (even though i wore my sandles all day barefoot) and update my portfolio.

I did a wicked “ghetto fabulous” <– through my eyes may not appeal to yours, photoshoot with the beautiful Sarah Orton from the ever so awesome band i did the album artwork for earlier this year Tofu Stravinsky. The photo’s hopefully will be up by next week (well at least some of the best ones from the day! Mmm.. i all of a sudden had a mind fart..

I also helped the band spice up their t-shirts so they will have wicked merch for their summer tour! i’ll make sure to post the dates for anyone who’s in more of the western part of Canada.

Night my crazies xoo


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