Its June now but heres my May update for ya ;)

Alrighty my lovely birds and other freaks of nature. I feel i owe you an explanation for being so radtacular on the posting of this month, for myself and for yourselves.

Sooo, i recently got a job at Kokanee Springs where i was working last summer which none of you would know that for we have just “met”. So at my job i drive the beer cart (below ) most days

but also alternate to the snack shack on other days. I also have been doing a tiny bit of graphic work with Tofu Stravinsky this past month of May i recently designed a business card which i will be posting pictures of once they arrive! And i helped with a t-shirt design but i don’t want to take any credit because… Well first off i just added to it, and second of off i would have done it completely different. Which reminds me 🙂 I have a design i did which i am going to get a single printed and show them how wicked it is to possibly change their minds 🙂

So between the two of those that has kept me busy, i am currently shopping for my birthday outfit, shoes to be particular at the moment. I am going to be purchasing my first Jeffrey Campbell shoes EVAR. I am thrilled to be making money finally but i am having a little bit of troubles choosing what i want because i cannot find a review on these shoes i do want.. but im changing my mind and almost wanting something a bit more elegant and turning towards getting a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood shoe…

.. However i’m still making decisions.. decisions.. Seeing as i have until next Friday to figure out what i want to order! And they’re 5.5″ which hasn’t stopped me before but i would be.. 6’1 seeing as i am 5’8 1/2″  … and i don’t want to be giant over top of my boyfriend.. maybe i’ll have to get him a cigar and an old man golfers style hat… unbuttoned dress shirt with some chest hair sticking out hahahaha and some shady glasses.. But ya, so… That’s also one of my dilema’s.. i want them but i do want to be able to wear them with out being totally stared down because i’m giant. SO i am still up for suggestions even though i KNOW i won’t even get one reply over this post.. because you’d be amazing if you were actually reading this far into my post ❤ Soo yeah.. that’s all i can think of atm.. Check out my video below to see what i picked up at Dollarama! xo


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