Wow.. I’ve Been Bad..

Wow.. the end of the summer has come, during summer I felt soooo un-motivated to do anything! I’ve been working 9 hour days, 5-6 days a week. By the time the weekend gets here, I just want to sit around watching movies or play the sims 3.. get mega baked (as always) and hang out with my boyfriend (whom I live with). HOWEVER now that it is turning to autumn here, I am feeling more energy and a bit of motivation. SO I am PROMISING YOU AND MYSELF. That I will film a Gypsy Warrior haul when I get home. I have all these things that I have ordered planning to make videos for them to share with all you, and I have not done so yet. I’ve got 2 new pairs of Jeffrey Campbel shoes, some stuff from Karmaloop including a pair of UNIF platforms, BlackMilk,  Forever 21, i’ve got some stuff coming in from e.l.f and Urban Outfitters coming in soon I actually think the elf cosmetics might be at my post office out here because I had a slip to pick something up today!

Like this post if you’re a lover of the snail mail.

SO, when I arrive to my humble home of love and effection, i’ll charge up my battery, cake my face with pounds of makeup and film a mother fuckin vidayo!

I swear on my chances of getting a bunnie this weekend, which are rather high so this is a must for me!

See you this eve 😉




[EDIT]: So i obvs didn’t do this, and I haven’t gotten a bunnie yet. Things keep coming up and this weekend I had a very dear friend come out for a visit and we did er goooood. So this is postponed but coming soon! xo

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