Tuesday Evening Updates:

I recently had a very lovely friend of mine colour my hair for me. I’ve decided I want to grow my hair longer than I have ever had it before! Which it’s actually already pretty close.. or could quite possibly already be the longest i’ve ever grown my hair. So.. Wanting to grow my hair long and strong, but still needing to do something flavorful and fresh i’ve decided to dye my hair a colour i’ve only ever dyed my hair once before… Shade mocha, it didn’t actually turn out how dark i wanted to go, so it’s actually more of my natural looking shade.



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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Evening Updates:

  1. Im stuck at the moment with this predicament, iv had blonde hair for so long but im naturally dark so my roots look dreadful, trying to decide if I should go a light auburn colour! Do you find dark colours fade quickly?

      1. Yeah the semi’s always seem to fade fast, they are good for in betweeny touch ups I find as its a bit kinder on you’re hair too. Mines just so porous so it doesnt grab colour overly well. You’res looks lovely dark, always a winner for winter 🙂

  2. I think it looks great on you!!
    I just dyed my hair yesterday and used a different brand….. ugh, BIG mistake. It came out way darker than expected. 😦

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