November Ipsy Glam Bag


Yesterday while visiting my mailbox I pulled out my favorite pink packaging from my mail slot. A smile appeared on my face as I couldn’t wait to get home back to my cozy living room to see what was inside this months Ipsy glam bag.


I first open my lovely pink package i pull out two little pieces of paper one being em by michelle phan who is apart of ipsy and is a beauty guru on youtube who just currently started her own makeup line. It’s granting me 30% off all of my product purchases at Which is exciting because i haven’t tried em cosmetics yet 😀 ! The other piece of paper is the name of this glam bag which is “Glam It Up”


This months glam bag is a shiny fake snake skin looking. I like shiny things.

First I find this set of false lashes by everEZlashes which is a total of $5.99. I’m excited about these, I thinking this past week of giving false lashes another try because I am absolutely horrible at trying to apply them. On someone else, maybe. However on myself I feel like there’s no hope but someone reminded me practice.. does make you better 🙂


Next I pull out this waterliner intense color eyeliner in the color teal tease. I believe this is a full product which is worth $20.00 I’m happy with the color and I would love to try the rose gold one!





Next I am suuper excited about this Be a Bombshell, Lip Crayon in the colour Shameless which is a lovely burgundy colour with a shimmer. This product is full size and it is worth $14.


Next I pull out another cute little box which has this wicked Nail Lacquer in the shade Silver Slipper by ‘tini beauty lounge which is “cocktail inspired cosmetics”. I’m not huge on silver nail polish but I will give it a go 🙂

Next I have this really pretty Gem Eye Pencil in the colour Amethyst by Starlooks. There’s different gem eye pencils and they all look lovely. The first ingredient in it is aluminum powder which kind of threw me off because i know that aluminum will clog your skin and can cause cancer so i’m not to sure how close I want this to my eyes. This is a full sized product and it is worth $14.


Last but definitely not least because this is by far one of my favorite products in the glam bag.This very lovely “Subtly Suntouched” Beauty Bronzer by Pixi. I have wanted to try some of their products so bad and I am soo happy that this was included in this months glam bag. This is a sample product i believe, the full product i’m not sure how big exactly it is but perhaps twice the size and includes a Kabuki brush and there are 3 shades to choose from!

This include’s everything in my November glam bag. I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be filming a video this afternoon as well so keep your eye out for it!


If you’d like your own ipsy subscription click this link!

Hope you have a lovely Monday!


33 thoughts on “November Ipsy Glam Bag

    1. You can get off the waitlist immediately by saying yes to them posting what you received on through your fb account. You can log in and you can shut the app off at any time. I don’t mind people knowing what I receive so it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

  1. You should put your referral link on when you do these, rather than just the link to Ipsy. That way if anyone does actually click, you get extra points and you can get some of the extra things that they have! 🙂

  2. Wow, this is such a cool blog! Thanks for introducing me via stopping by xballerina. I too LOVE anything sparkly and beautiful. Hello, I was a ballerina princess fairy for every Halloween from age 5 to about 12:) Anyway, I also love lip and eye crayons, anything I can smear on in a second and looks great. I recently got some Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow sticks that are amazing. Good luck with the false eyelashes! I wear them onstage. It took me forever to get used to them. My eyes used to water and I would glue my eyelids shut. Sometimes they still won’t work. Well, I look forward to reading more here. Visit me again sometime:)

    1. Yay thank you so much! No problem, glad you decided to pop by 😛 Hahaha that’s awesome. I love glitter! and anything that sparkles && i agree anything in crayon large pencil form, i’m a fan of!

      Haha thanks (about the eyelashes) we’ll see when that actually happens haha perhaps for the holidays. Glad to have you onboard! Talk with you soon xx

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