Greeting Lovely Humans

Greetings human friends! I wanted to give a hello to all my followers out there! There are quite a few new followers and I welcome you with both arms wide open. So I welcome you to my blog and hope you have enjoyed your stay so far! My hands are cold typing this and I hope yours are toasty warm while reading.

Oh happy December I am so glad you decided to snow yesterday and today. It wouldn’t have felt like December without waking up to the fluffy white snow outside my cute little house that I share with my boyfriend and new cat – we just adopted (which I will be posting pictures and a blog about him this week!). If you’ve made it this far through the post i’m going to tell you a bit of a secret which is really the farthest thing from a secret now that i’m telling you …Well lets just break the ice 🙂 I’m baked as fok. I personally LOVE to smoke weed and drink tea & coffee, whilst smoking the ganja I love to explore blogs (which is how some of you found my blog!) I love seeing what other people are thinking, having the freedom to type out our thoughts for the world to see, for those who actually want to see, I find very fascinating. I can always find similarities in all of us, as different and strange as we may make ourselves from one another, we can always relate on some term. I promise you that. — So I live out in the mountains eh? Down by the lake, right. A country girl you might call me.. Or perhaps Kootenay girl would be the correct term.

Anyways this is getting out of hand and too many branches to climb so I thank YOU for stopping by and taking a liking to my blog! Please, I welcome you to be as active as you want on my blog! I love reading everything you have to say! I am always looking for a conversation and new things, so please feel free to comment and be active on my blog ❤ If you happen to be a fellow stoner please let me know! We can share stories and fun facts or other silly things and interesting music!

Bye for now!

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