Theme complications.

I recently had the “forever” theme and i got it to where i liked the appearance of my blog. The last 2 days i couldnt see white behind my posts it was just a transparent background which makes it hard for people to read i find. >:0 I don’t know what happened!

So i am stuck with this layout until further notice! I’m upset that this doesn’t have  custom header, or a third column 😥 If you have any good theme suggestions PLEASE suggest below i am in need of something i can customize!

8 thoughts on “Theme complications.

  1. hey, my forever theme broke the other day too. weird. i searched for problems on wordpress and they said to check for extra code you’ve accidentally dropped into a post… maybe when cutting and pasting content or links. The easiest way to find the post that’s breaking the theme is to change the reading settings so only one post displays at a time – you should be able to spot the post that’s breaking the whole thing and then look in the editor for pesky code. I’ll see if I can find the instructions. Hope that helps x

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