Ipsy Glam Bag ~ December 2013


The first thing I pull out of my December glam bag was a set of his and hers perfume by English Laundry called “Signature”. Unfortunate for me the sample for her leaked out completely not leaving me a single squirt. Lucky for my boyfriends the sample for him was full to the brim. At least I have the luxury of smelling it on my boyfriend and not some random hoodie I would spray pretending it were my boyfriend if I were a single lady >.<



I would never have thought to ever buy this colour. Applying this to my lips I found this colour is actually quite lovely. This colour would be really nice in the summer & fall given the rosey gold finish on your lips ^-^

These Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks are $4.00 each.



This is just a sample size of the Bright Up Your Life palette in “Smokin’ Hot” by POP Beauty. The full palette contains five eyeshadow colours. I’ve never used POP Beauty eyeshadow before so we’ll see how it turns out!



At first this product caught me off guard. Thinking to myself “What could I posisbly do with a “one stick”. I will tell you my friends. This product is in the shade “Flustered”, It’s a warm bright pink colour. This stick is used for your cheeks, eyes, lips and shimmer. I’m interested in this product and excited to see what kind of use i get out of this. I have regular to oily skin so putting cream blush/eyeshadow never really appealed to me. There are tons of colours to choose from!

These Be a Bombshell “One Stick”‘s cost $16.00 each.


Last I pull out this NICKA K NEW YORK Nail Colour. It didn’t say what colour it came in however looking at the website it’s closest to the colour “RED HOT”. I was thinking to myself during the Christmas holidays that I needed a good red nail polish because my favorite red I have is only sample size and i’m afriad I have to reserve it for special occasions now, perhaps 4-5 more uses until it is fini. There are plenty of colours to choose from!

This NICKA A NEW YORK Nail Colour retails at $4.99



All together I was yet again very happy with what I received in my glambag. The total of the products in the bag come out to $26.00 CD. If you live in Canada these bags costs $16-$17. If you are in the United States these bags only costs $10.00!Ā  Sign up for your monthly beauty goodie bag if you like what you see šŸ˜› xo

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xo Lulu

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25 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag ~ December 2013

    1. I did glossybox for 2 months which i did like, and i love using the box’s for storage. I’d say try ipsy out its fun but i think its pretty equal for me glossybox is just a bit more expensive and i am broke ass!

      I wouldn’t do birchbox it seems like its all just samples no full products. *thumbs down*

    2. I got Birchbag and Glossbox, only to keep getting empty samples. Not even just leaking.. but you go to use it and nothing comes out!

      I get my first Ipsy bag this month and I’m excited about it!

      1. Ohh! You’re going to love it!! šŸ˜€
        Even if you don’t like all the products you know you got your money back and makeup always makes a good gift!

    1. I know! That’s such a bummer šŸ˜¦ They said they’re working on international shipping for this year though!! (hopefully).

      Glossy box is basically the same thing šŸ™‚ !! I was subscribed to it for a couple months but im so broke ass i had to do ipsy cause its cheaper, but the amount of things you get is about the same and you get full products unlike the Birchbox, which is all samples (shitty). šŸ˜€ I’m excited for you !!!

  1. We got identical Ipsy bags! Have you used the Be A Bomshell “one stick” yet? I haven’t gotten around to it and am curious if it compares to my other creme products!

    1. :D!!
      I tried it out last night.. I just dabbed my finger on the stick then applied it on my eyelids and cheeks.. definitely have to go suuuuuper light on the cheeks this stick is POTENT. >.<

      1. I swatched it and definitely figured out it was wicked pigmented. haha šŸ™‚
        I’m thinking about trying it out on my cheeks with a stippling brush like I do with all of super pigmented tarte blushes…maybe it’ll be easier to blend out that way?…hopefully!!

  2. I’m a fellow Ipster and I just love the bags. December’s bag was AWESOME. I have been enjoying the One Stick, though not on the lips, it was too drying. It’s great as a blush (I have oily/combination skin) – I haven’t noticed it wearing off throughout the day. Applied it using a stipple brush and then blending. I haven’t tried it on the eyes, either. I didn’t get the perfumes, I think I got a cleanser of some sort. And the nailpolish – YES!

    It’s great to run into another Ipsy lady! šŸ™‚

    1. Yay! I’m excited for this months ^-^ Nice! It works pretty good on the eye lids i didn’t use a primer and it seems to stay and not really crease all that much. Going to try it again as a blush tomorrow, i used a bit too much the first two times so i’m going to try my stipple brush this time! ā¤ Thanks for the tips!


    1. Its a pretty colour šŸ™‚ Looks more gold/burn orange on the lips, would have never picked it up myself, but im pretty happy with what i got! šŸ™‚ Can’t wait for this months!

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