Simple Snacks: Homemade Fries


I began making homemade fries when I was in college. I needed something quick and easy, with the munchie satisfactory that I was craving. I think almost every regular human being out there loves a good side of fries. Lunch time, evening or a midnight snack, this quick, simple, delicious snack is for any type of fry lover out there!


To begin set your oven to 450 Degrees (*F) . Grab 3 decent sized potatoes and give them a good wash in cold water before cutting into them.


To make cutting your potatoes easier & sturdy, cut a thin slice off of one side and place that side on the cutting board. This way you should be able to have a sturdy hand without your potato trying to get away from you!


Once you have your potatoes cut like the photo above, you are now going to grab your baking pan. Drizzle grape seed oil (or which ever cooking oil you have in your cupboard) across the pan back and forth. Take your spatula that you will be flipping your fries with and spread the oil as evenly as you can across your baking pan.


Arrange your potato slices on your pan and enter into your preheated oven. Set the timer for 15 minutes.

Once your 15 minutes is up and you’ve flipped your potatoes, your fries should look somewhat like the image below. Image

Now you’re going to want to salt & pepper these ^-^ I put a good pinch or two sprinkling it as evenly as I can. And back in the oven it goes! Set your timer to 10 minutes.


Now that your fries are finished it is your choice of dip! I like an aioli which is garlic, mayo and a squeeze of lemon juice and ketchup!






22 thoughts on “Simple Snacks: Homemade Fries

  1. I love fries like this… so tasty.. i make them the “anti-health” way which is fried in vegetable oil lol and then i throw some sea-salt with a hint of cayenne to add some zest or spice, yuuummm! I ought to try your way with Aioli dip however!

    1. High Canadian ^-^ That makes two of us!
      And nice, yeah i usually put a bit of cayenne on as well!
      To be honest all i had left was salt >.> and basil which i had on my hashbrowns earlier that morning xD
      Aioli is the shit! xo

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