January Ipsy Glam Bag


My Ipsy glam bag came in yesterday! I’m not sure if it’s just me, however i’m assuming it’s all of us Canadian Ipsy lovers who receive our little surprise bags of love more around the 20th-22nd every month. If you are new to Ipsy and don’t know what it is, it is a monthly beauty bag subscription that costs $10 in the USA and about $16 in Canada, each month you receive a new bag with 4-5 beauty products. Most times it seems to be more full products but you do also receive samples! Lets jump into it, shall we?


This months glam bag is themed “19 reasons” 2014 will be amazing.


I’ve actually purchased these makeup wipes before at the drugstore and they’re not bad. They’re not amazing either. I didn’t plan on re-buying but i’m not sad I have another pack I tell ya.

This product is full size costing $2.50



Next I pulled out this Malin + Goetz Mojito lip balm. It feels really lovely on my lips..smells like mint…Mojito 😉

This product is full sized costing $12.00



Oooh I am so excited to finally try something from Benefit cosmetics! Eeeee! I haven’t tried this yet but I will be doing an empties at some point in time and will hopefully be able to include this! The packaging is so fleeping cute!

This is sample size at 3.0 mL $0, the full product is 22 mL costing $30



Oooh i’m excited to try this new foundation by yaby. I have never heard of this brand so i’m very interested! I did a little swatch and it seems to blend with my skin tone nicely. They have 13 skin tone shades and then 5 other shades.. for toning i’m guessing.

This is a full sized product costing $15.50



My last product I pull out this months glam bag was this body balm by Balanced Guru this is the “ORGANIC SWEET COCOA & TANGY BODY BALM” which is infused with Cocoa Butter, Babassu Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil. It smells very lovely and definitely tangy.

This is the travel size product costing $12



What did you get in your Ipsy bag this month?

My complete bag of products is worth $42 plus the free bag! For only $16, this girl is very pleased.

I love seeing what others receive, it’s not often I find someone with the same items in their bag!

If you are interested in getting your own Ipsy glam bag you can subscribe and take your beauty quiz today!




37 thoughts on “January Ipsy Glam Bag

    1. I really do :3
      Only my second bag i received i wasn’t that excited about, but the rest have been so fun!
      Are you in the USA? becuase if so it’s only $10 a month.

      1. Sweet! Thanks hunnie!
        Just to mention, you do get put onto a waiting list and it took me like a month and a half to be approved and be eligible for the upcoming month!
        So you might want to just apply now because you’ll have to wait who knows how long!!

  1. Love this bag! I was subscribed to Ipsy for a while, but then stopped because I wasn’t always totally happy with every bag. But I love this one!! 🙂

    1. I dunno, i find it not to be happy because its so cheap and you pretty much only pay for one of those items in the bag anyways! I’m pumped on this bag, i’ve only been some what dissapointed with one so far.

  2. the monthly bag looks awesome!
    I was thinking of starting the monthly glam bag.

    If I start next week which is the last week of the month, do they start with a month bag?

    1. They put you on a waiting list and it takes like a month to a month and a half to be accepted in then you get the upcoming month once your accepted so you should apply now so you can hopefully get feb or marches bag!

      If you would like to help me earn ipsy points use the link at the bottom of my post to get to ipsy!

  3. Same bag! I am pretty much using everything in the bag, but the benefit wasn’t as great as I thought it would be given how excited everyone was for it.

    1. I haven’t given it a good go yet! I’m excited to dip in today :3
      Yeah.. expensive too!! I never find that expensive of products ever do anything spectacular? Maybe its just me 😛

      1. That’s why I love these subs…try before you buy!

        I have tried eye cream after eye cream and I keep coming back to pure organic rosehip seed oil…$8 or so a bottle and lasts foreverrrrr

  4. Lucky! you got the benefit product.
    Would’ve loved that than the moisturizer I got.

    It’s okay, you can’t win all the time!
    You got a great bag this month! 🙂

  5. I cannot wait for this months bag to finally get here! I got the porefessional too! I already own it and its the best primer for my super dry winter skin. During the summer months I prefer Smashbox primer. I am most excited about the mojito lip balm.

  6. I’m so jealous! You got like the best possible bag ever! That’s like the perfect bag of the month. congrats on such an awesome bag! The porefessional by benefit is awesome I just think it doesn’t last long. If they could get it to last acouole of hours the I. Would buy the full size. I’ve been looking to try the Maybelline Baby Skin that is supposed to be comparable to the Porefessional for less money.

    1. Yay! I’m happy to hear that c:
      Yeah, i’ve seen a lot about the Maybelline Baby Skin, i suppose i’ll give the porefessional a chance and if i like it i’ll go for the Baby Skin xD
      Yay so excite!

    1. I love it! Not once have i felt like im wasting money, i’d be wasting money if i was actually going out and paying full money for the products and not liking them, but because its such a good deal i never feel ripped off and always looks on the positive side of things like im saving money! And i love trying new products!

  7. I got the same Ipsy bag as you. I gave my porefessional away though since I already knew that I don’t like it. The lip balm is nice and moisturizing during these winter months. It was a great addition to the bag. The body balm pretty much just turns to oil though. So, make sure you’ve got time for it to sink in when you use it. The foundation gave me pretty much no coverage. The colour was decent for me though. So, it might be good on a clear face day. I really liked the face wipes. They removed all my makeup, even mascara and liquid eye liner. They are the first ones that I’ve used that don’t irritate my eyes!

    1. Oooh and you’re in vancouver how exciting! 🙂 always nice meeting other BC Bloggers!

      I didn’t mind the porefessional actually! I don’t think i’ll be buying the full size but i might give the maybelline babyskin a go! Loving the lip balm :3 I never try expensive lipbalm so this is nice for a change. The foundation works really well for my skin and i’m super excited about it, its a bummer its nothing special for your skin though! Good to hear the wipes don’t irritate your eyes! Have you tried the wipes from elf?

      1. I think the problem that I had with the foundation stems from the coverage I need. I have some acne marks that are healing but still fairly dark. I discovered that I’m combo dry not oily at the end of the summer. So, I’ve been fiddling with my routine to get rid of the acne and marks caused by my skin compensating for me not giving enough moisture.
        I haven’t tried the elf wipes yet. I’ve tried most of the drugstore ones and a few from sephora. Most made my eyelids raw. It was a sad and uncomfortable sight.
        It’s nice to find more Canadian bloggers. Us Canadian gals have to stick together 😉

      2. Yeah i hear you on that, doesn’t hurt to use some concealer on your dark spots before applying your foundation! Also, if you get vitamin e in liquid pill form and apply it before going to bed or on a lazy day when your just around the house, on your dark spots and that should help with scarring 😀 & Sometimes wipes aren’t for everyone i suppose! have you tried just olive oil? its really good for your skin and will help remove your makeup really well! xx

  8. I love ipsy and Birchbox! I live in the southern states and get my ipsy bag around the 13th.
    I’ve been dying to try the Benefit Pore professional but I didn’t get it in my bag this month. Sad!

    1. Birchbox seems more like just samples every month, I personally won’t ever get it, Ipsy seems to have more full products which is totally rad and bang for your buck though! Porefessional is pretty nice! I think i’m going to try the babyskin by maybelline, they say that it’s a dupe for the benefit porefessional! Bummer you didn’t get it though!

      1. I’ve had Ipsy longer than Birchbox but wanted to try out both for a while. I feel that Ipsy is more makeup while Birchbox is more skin/hair products… I’m more picky about my hair/skin products so I haven’t used as much from them as I have Ipsy. Ill have to try out the babyskin by Maybelline!

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