Wacom Illustration

Here’s my first Illustration of 2014 on my wacom tablet! It’s only the rough version so far there is much to be done and tweaked. Hoping to create a collection to do some prints!

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18 thoughts on “Wacom Illustration

  1. This is amazing! You are obviously super talented. Just had a look through your blog and your photography looks brilliant too! 🙂

    • OOh how exciting! I havent mastered it either! i actually just got mine back out after having it hiding for almost a year xD it can be quite intimidating at first for sure xD but now im obsessed!

      • Yea. Its definitly a challenge! I watch all these tutorials on how to draw different things and im like whaaaaat? How in the world?? But its becoming a little easier everyday(:

      • Awesome! Ive been playing in illustrator for the last week non stop :3 I’m excited to be pumping out some artwork! I’m excited to see some of your upcoming work!

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