Wacom Illustration

Here’s my first Illustration of 2014 on my wacom tablet! It’s only the rough version so far there is much to be done and tweaked. Hoping to create a collection to do some prints!

Come take a look at my facebook!







18 thoughts on “Wacom Illustration

    1. Yeah i find it is a bit tricky hey! Do you have illustrator ?
      Because with illustrator after you draw it you can do back in and fix the little mistakes or fill in the blanks kind of, you know?

      1. Well if you ever give illustrator another go its helpful to place all the lines where they were ment to be and such if that makes sense!

        Hope you have a lovely day ❤

  1. This is amazing! You are obviously super talented. Just had a look through your blog and your photography looks brilliant too! 🙂

    1. OOh how exciting! I havent mastered it either! i actually just got mine back out after having it hiding for almost a year xD it can be quite intimidating at first for sure xD but now im obsessed!

      1. Yea. Its definitly a challenge! I watch all these tutorials on how to draw different things and im like whaaaaat? How in the world?? But its becoming a little easier everyday(:

      2. Awesome! Ive been playing in illustrator for the last week non stop :3 I’m excited to be pumping out some artwork! I’m excited to see some of your upcoming work!

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