Happy Feb 14th

Valentines Day wasn’t much for my boyfriend and I this year.. I mean.. We love each other everyday of the year and we already put enough effort in each day and we both know our love is unconditional. We have a cupboard filled with chocolate from Christmas still.. I cleaned the kitchen and made us tuna melts and I felt that was enough. He keeps me warm making me hot chocolates and keeping the wood stove cookin!

I did feel a bit like my fairy god mother came around tapping a tad of motivational dust apon my spirit to at least pretend I care its national love day and put a bit of inspirational makeup on to make myself look like the sweetheart.. i truly am ;3 Who doesn’t like to feel pretty?.. Who has the energy to look pretty everyday though, unfortunately not I. Really been diggin’ “l’aspect naturel” since after New Years. (the natural look, mary if you’re reading this just brushing up on my french 😉 .)

Happy love day everyone ❤ !!



6 thoughts on “Happy Feb 14th

  1. Haha well said! Same with my boyfriend and I 🙂 Also as much as I love make up I love the natural look even more, gives me more time to sleep in on some morning too when I don’t wear make up LOL. Looking great!

    1. Haha totally! I just have no where to go and no one to see.. so what’s the point of doing full makeup xD just makes it so my skin can’t breathe haha, not so nice!

      Glad you had a good valentines day hunnie! xx

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