August Ipsy, Beauty Schooled


August’s Ipsy bag’s theme this month was “Beauty Schooled” for obvious reasons of people going back to school soon. In the USA already, but here in Canada we don’t start usually until the first week of September. With the huge teacher strike though i’m not sure if we will be headed back to school too soon kidz!

On with the bag.

If you’re interested in signing up for your own monthly subscription to Ipsy, just $10 a month (+ $6.75 for shipping to Canada) follow my ipsy link here:

This months bag was a very cute white with orange polka dots, pencil bag. It’s a vinyl material and I think my brushes may make their way into it for traveling 😀


I haven’t tried this mascara out yet, but I know there’s a lot of hype goin’ around about it. Which leaves me slightly excited to try it, however we’ll see how it works out.


This is just a sample size, the regular size is twice the size of this one at the cost of $22.

If you want to purchase the full size, it comes with a lash primer ^.^


This lip balm “YOU’RE THE BALM” in the flavour GRAPE! I gotta tell ya… I’m totally sold by the packaging. The flavour/scent itself is a tad strong for my liking however I shall continue to douse my lips with it because its cute as fuuck. It doesn’t give any tint to my lips that i’ve noticed, or sparkles although there is sparkly bits in the balm. IMG_1503

This product comes in two, therefor I suppose this is sample size at the cost of $2.50 being half the price/product. The other half to this is a green apple flavoured balm which I would be down for trying. Perhaps i’ll be purchasing these in the future.



This is another sample size product. The pore refiner primer by Dr.Brandt I have also yet to try. I haven’t really been wearing much makeup this summer, trying to give my skin a break. This product, full size is worth $45, so in that case I will be giving it a try and i’ll let you guys know how it works out.

This is a face primer, for you who don’t know what that is, primer helps with :

  • minimizing the appearance of pores by diffusing light
  • blurs imperfections & lines
  • erases shine & mattifies skin
  • absorbs oil, reduces shine and helps regulate sebum production
  • antibacterial action for healthy skin
  • acts as a shield to prevent make-up from clogging pores


This little blush set sample from Coastal Scents, not gunna lie.. Pretty darn cute. I do like the colours of the blush so I think we will make a decent friendship over the fall, oh yeah! Who’s excited for fall?? 😀 !! Much EXCITE! I can’t wait for candles, tea, hot chocolate, scarves, pretty colours, falling leaves, rain… OOOOH THE EXCITEMENT!IMG_1518

These are both blush samples shades “enchanting & delicate” I’m getting excited to try these out typing about them 😀

A full size of one of these blushes cost’s $7.95, you can find them here:

There’s actually a decent selection, oooh I can’t wait to try!


My last sample this month is this black pencil eyeliner by LORD & BERRY. It just seems like an average black eyeliner, good pigment. Itty bitty. This sample reminds me of when your eyeliner is getting low, and you start thinking about your next eyeliner. Anywho, i’m not much of a pencil eyeliner wearer.. So.. this will probably come in handy in the future one day.

Obviously a sample size, full size product costs $18


So that wraps up what I got in my August Ipsy Glam Bag, I hope you cats out there enjoyed my post! Annddd i’ll see you in my next post 😀 ❤

Enjoy the summer while ya got it ;3


Miz Lulu

6 thoughts on “August Ipsy, Beauty Schooled

  1. You know, I used to have the Ipsy subscription but I discontinued it cus I just didn’t like adding so much to my kit that I didn’t use, but whenever I’ve seen your posts about the Ipsy bags I always slap myself LOL. Btw loved your graphic design business cards. Soo eye catching.

    Come check out my new makeup blog!

    1. Aw! Thanks so much girl ❤ && The products that i don't really like or need, i usually put them all together in their own little bag until i have enough to gift it to someone i know ^.^
      && thankyou again on my business cards!! I worked a long while on them until i had them just right 😀 I'll come check out your blog right now !!

      1. You think so?? I have thought about it, i just don’t think anyone would buy them! But maybe i will since you have confidence in me! 😀 Thanks girl!

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