I recently discovered this perfume originally through a good friend. These perfumes are honestly both our new favs.

“Dead Sexy” #06 is a sexy, musky, matured scent that leaves hints of ebony and exotic wood with a deep finish of vanilla. The scent itself doesn’t stick too well on the skin so I usually apply this to my clothing and a squirt above my head to let it fall on my hair. Honestly this perfume is DEAD FUCKING SEXY.

“Honey & The Moon” #10 is a lovely, musky vanilla scent with sweet honey, sugared violet, jasmine and sandalwood which is my absolute favorite. The sweet, woody scents are obviously perfect for the autumn and winter. Honey & The Moon is quite a bit sweeter than the Dead Sexy scent, it leaves a sweet honey, sandalwood scent behind which is absolutely memorizing.

These bottles cost $29 each and worth every penny! If you’re interested in getting these for yourself, or finding a scent for YOU! Check out their website, they have so many different scents! ❤ http://www.tokyo-milk.com/t/parfum

perfume_02Thanks for reading ❤


Miz Lulu


6 thoughts on “|T O K Y O M I L K – PERFUME|

  1. Stop stop stop. I am literally so obsessed with these. Kabuki is my absolute favorite. Give the TokyoMilk Dark ones (in the black bottles at Sephora) a try. Even better. xo

    1. I don’t actually live near a Sephora, I found these in Shoppers DrugMart! >.< I checked their website and saw those dark ones and thought about orderering some! MMMMMMM They are seriously SO FREAKING GREAT!
      Thanks for the suggestions, i seriously am getting Kabuki now 😛 ❤

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