☞ 2016 ☽☆☾ Reflection ☜


Welcoming the New Year with my first post of 2016! Reflecting on what happened in 2015 and how it has helped shape my life for 2016. Although i’m not going to sit here and bore you with my life story, i’ll save you that time.

However I will share with you some of my goals for this year and what I am looking forward too.

So as .. none of you know, I’m in college for Aesthetics. Which includes, nail art (manicures & pedicures), makeup, waxing, tinting and facials. I’ll be graduating in April if all goes as planned. In February we have our class trip to Vancouver for a Spa Convention,  i’m interested to see what kind of workshops i’ll be able to sign up for. Expanding of the knowledge. After graduating, the plan is to move in with a girlfriend of mine from my class, she’ll be moving most likely in the fall so we’ll live together for the spring and summer, then more spontaneous behaviour will be held.

I’m really hoping to post more frequently this year, to be creative and more productive. Looking to do more photoshoots, i’ve been drawing a bit on the side. A friend of mine and myself decided to work on a colouring book, so i’ve been doodling everyday for the last 3 days. Here’s a little example..


A goal of mine for this year is to really stop caring about what people think/talk negatively about me. I’m pretty good at it already, but I really want to give zero fucks about what someone else is taking their time out to think and talk about me. The time and energy people can, and do put out on thinking negatively about others and allowing it to intrude and bother their lives, is their fucking problem :P. Like I said to my girlfriend “at least they talk about us”. We don’t even know some of these people, and they know us by name. They’re even making stories up about us, pretty fantastic.

As none of you know my (x)Fiancee and I split up this past fall, i’ve been living at the dorms, meeting new people and trying to find myself again. I love growing and 2016 is about growing. Life is about growing, learning – knowledge, I want to say is everything but I do feel love plays a huge roll in life as well. Over the last couple of months i’ve already shaped quite a bit, what ever that means.

Feeling comfortable in my own skin again, but not too comfortable 😉


Miz Lulu


10 thoughts on “☞ 2016 ☽☆☾ Reflection ☜

  1. That’s a surprisingly hard thing to do sometimes–stop caring what others think about us. It seems simple, and we chastise ourselves for not being able to, but it’s ingrained in us from childhood…be beautiful…be good…be the expectation set on you even if you don’t fit. But I’ve found in my last several years of having my own kids, I want to be the exception. I want to be the person that is whoever the damn well they want to be. So, you can do this. Do it for you. Do it despite how much backlash you may get. YOU are interesting the way you are.

    1. Thank you Brianna! I really appreciate your comment 🙂 & i couldn’t agree more, yes it is near impossible to not care about what people or the media is telling us what is trendy or what we should look like, or how to get the “ideal” body and makeup ect.. ect.. I’m done trying to please other people when really we are all living for ourselves (unless you have children of course) but to be the inspiration for your children and allowing them to experiment and be themselves if huuuge. In grade 1 i shaved my head and my dad helped my dye my hair bright pink, my parents have always been supportive of how ive wanted to dress and style my hair and makeup and its really help build my personality with no shame or boundaries 🙂 I lost myself for a bit there though and really cared about what people thought about me so i started to shade my true personality because people think i;m “weird” and “obnoxious”. then i snapped out of it and was like what the heck am i doing! not pleasing myself, that’s for sure! been a good first month of 2016 though! hoping the same has been for you!

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