A little house warming gift, & a small update.


Recently, as none of you know, a lot has come together for me the last couple of months.. I finished college and I am officially a certified Aesthetician, the day of my final exam I was hired at an AVEDA concept spa, so I went straight from school to finding a job in my field I studied for! (which is bloody amazing) I moved in with my brother and i’ve been dating a really amazing guy ^.^

Last weekend we had a little house warming barbecue, although my beautiful new man couldn’t make it, a handful of friends and my parents were able to attend. My Mother is such a sweetheart and brought us this little basket of goodies.

Anybody tried this Wine O’Clock wine before? I’m not much of a white wine gal however this wasn’t terrible! To go along with the wine my mom threw in some Asian herbal candies, some homemade pickled beets and a big fat grape lollipop.

Thanks Ma, you’re a gem ❤


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