☯ ♢ Happy New Years Eve Day! ♢ ☯

Good Morning 2016! I have a lot that I am proud of this year, however I am also very ready for my fresh start in 2017.  There is a lot i’d like to accomplish this year, just like everyone else. A big one for me is self respect and not letting people take advantage me. I’ve done a lot for people in the past and eventually people just stop putting in effort, stop giving back… they become selfish and ignorant. Which upsets me, but then I have to remind myself to only keep the relationships/friendships with mutual respect. Respect Yo’self. 😉 But don’t forget about the people who respect and do a lot for you! I’ll be creating a resolutions post tomorrow to get more in depth because this is actually my first year with real goals/resolutions.

❆ I believe in myself. ❆

Below I have some photo’s I took of my roommate and close friend Jess Brown. You may have seen her on my site before & her friend Lindsay, they are both burlesque dancers based in Nelson, BC. ❆


[I’ll upload the high res photo’s when i get home to my other computer!]

I hope what ever you have planned for tonight you are spending it with people who love and care about you! May your new year be full of bright smiles and positive energy ♡

❄ xo ❄

Miz Lulu


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