$7.79 Dior Knockoff Sunnies


There is a lot of styles to choose from when it comes to sunglasses. This Dior knockoff pair only cost me $7.79 ( free shipping ) have removable shades, leading to a nice frame with clear lenses. These are from aliexpress so getting your prescription put into the frames you would have to take to a an actual optometrist. They seem pretty sturdy and they’re fun to style & play around with!


If you’re interested in checking out these sunnies click the link below! They come in a variety of funky colours 😉



Miz Lulu


$13.97 – Crushed Velvet Kimono

This dusty pink, crushed velvet kimono is absolutely divine! I cannot explain to you how much I am in love with this kimono. I feel like a modernized 50’s house wife in this lovely velvet drapery i’ve acquired.

Where did I get such a lovely piece you may ask? And only for $13.97! Some of you probably already know about aliexpress, but if you don’t, I am here to share a very dirty secret/obsession with you. I have quite a few new things from aliexpress coming in that I will be sharing with you lovely birds ^.^ I’ve decided to start with this beautiful kimono! Link below 😉




Thanks for reading lovies ❤ I hope everyone has a beautiful day! xo

Miz Lulu

Cherry Blossom Gentle Foaming Cleanser – Zatik Beauty Essentials


I received this from my Mama a while back and have been using it in my daily skin care routine. I use this as my third step after i’ve washed with a milk cleanser and exfoliated with a micro gommage. It instructs to massage into skin and leave for 5 minutes before washing off. I usually do this while i’m in the shower and don’t massage it too much into my skin.


This is a very gentle cleanser and smells divine. This is a “natural” cleanser, I’m not sure if it is organic or cruelty free though. (sowwy!) It comes with a pump applicator and will foam once you rub it around in your palms a bit.


I personally wouldn’t use just this as a face cleanser, but that’s because I like my milk cleansers 😛 I can’t actually find Zatik online, but the ones I can find online of this cleanser vary from 26 – 34 $. Personally I would not repurchase but each to their own ❤

Thanks for reading!


Miz Lulu



Hey buds! I have this volcanic ash mineral mask to share with you lovely beans today. This product is 100% vegan and cruelty free ^.^ This mask also contains sweet almond oil, avocado oil, green tea extract :D!
  • Protects skin from harmful damage caused by free radicals & pollutants in the environment.
  • Intensely moisturizes with a hydrating blend of sweet almond and avocado oils.
  • Softly rejuvenates with anti-aging green tea antioxidants.
  • Gently exfoliates with volcanic ash minerals.
  • Minimizes pores, reduces fine lines, & deep cleanses.
  • Decreases dark circles & reverses sun damage.
  • Purifies to bring out your body’s natural luster & tone 😉
The mask I have here is 30ml/1oz  & i’ve probably used it around 7 times already and will get probably another 5 mask’s out of it.


The texture is a thick dark mud which I just apply to my t-zone. I leave mine on until its all dry which is about 10 minutes. The packaging says 5 minutes but I like to feel fancy for longer than 5 ;). While it dries it becomes pretty tight on the face. I’ve made the messy mistake of getting it to close under my eyes which is very sensitive for me personally and felt a bit burny feeling. So if you have sensitive under eyes like I do, definitely try to avoid getting it on there.
Over all i’ve had fun using this product, it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated. I would recommend removing it with a hot cloth because it can make quite the mess if you try and just wash it off with water 😛 big mess.. for me at least hehe.


Thanks for reading friends! ❤
Miz Lulu

With Dasha Morning AKA Chickadee

“Purpose makes life meaningful. To have something that drives me, that is fruitful and has a perpetual unfolding outcome… that is meaningful.”


Dasha Morning AKA Chickadee will warm & uplift your heart with her adorable smile and beautiful soft voice while you reminisce in her 60’s folk – psyche rock.


Chickadee – Soundcloud Page


What is the first thing you think about in the morning?
“This one definitely varies…..and I know this is going to sound cheesy but generally the first thing I think about is music; putting some on, playing some, thinking about a part in a song I cannot get out of my head. Music just glues itself to my brain somehow… it’s like a very natural process for the way my mind functions. Oh and I think about having a glass of water usually, putting on some socks too.”


How would you describe yourself?

“Well there are many aspects to “me” I guess. I am one whole person but different circumstances bring out different characteristics. In my friendships I would say I am very loyal, fun, generous and inclusive. At my job, in my work life I would say I am very self-directed and task oriented; personable with clients and always wanting to help people improve their lives. I would say on all levels, on the more negative end of my personality I can fall into being super critical, judgemental and not easily trusting of others. My brother describes me as a “card”, my mother probably describes me as ridiculous at best ….generally I tell people I am a 40 year old man in a 23 year old girl’s body (what that means to someone who is reading this and doesn’t know me… I’m not really sure). I guess overall I am just Dannika.”


Who has influenced you the most?

“I would say my Baba Marion (my dad’s mother) has been the most influential in how I live my life and how I make my choices. She is a very naturally spiritually connected woman and has so much wisdom that I just want to soak it all up as much as possible. She has really instilled the idea of having a “purpose” in my heart—this truly keeps me going and this also inspires a lot of subject matter for my music.
For the more artistic influences anything old; 60’s/ 70’s music, fashion, photography, art, TV shows (I am really enamoured with Three’s Company). I am really captivated by those generations’ uses of colours, patterns and just a more vibrant & hopeful view of the world. With this “Good Morning” CD project I really wanted the themes to come through properly in the photography and in the artwork as a compliment to the music I had created. For whatever reason I feel most like myself wearing bellbottom jeans, sitting down and listening to a Jefferson Airplane album or watching interviews of musicians or performers from the era– just how people presented and held themselves then—it just seems like I was born a little bit too late and I often feel out of place with societal norms in present day.
For strict musical influences most definitely Silver Apples, Moody Blues, Adrian Belew, Jefferson Airplane (of course), YES!, Jim Croce, Peter Green, Fiona Apple, Bat For Lashes, Joni Mitchell, The Carpenters, Electric Prunes, Heart, Velvet Underground, Ultimate Spinach, David Axelrod….after this I would probably just start listing all of the artists that I love so I have to stop myself here. However I would say that everyone I listed is a big and direct influence on my music. I feel like while my music has congruent qualities that make it it’s own;  I also really enjoy writing and performing all sorts of styles that I would say “deviate” from my styling’s.  So I would say that’s why my influences are over the place … or a better way of saying that I guess is ‘”eclectic”.”


Where and with whom do we find you on a Friday night?

“I am 50% introvert and 50% extravert. So Friday nights can either be very lively and you can find me with my best buds Juditte and Soph getting up to no good…..or you can find me eating an entire brick of organic cheese and then passing out on the couch next to my Baba while she is watching the miracle channel.”


What makes life meaningful?

“Purpose makes life meaningful. To have something that drives me, that is fruitful and has a perpetual unfolding outcome… that is meaningful. Or just walking around outside at twilight and hearing the birds chirp over the purpley sky… a well executed hug….love I guess– whatever that looks like. I guess love can make life meaningful or rather it does. Music does because music is omnipresent. It’s at weddings, funerals, playing in the grocery store, at church, summer camp, city bus… you don’t need any tools outside of yourself you can simply sing…you can’t really escape music. It’s in everything ; so as it is in everything it can encompass every meaningful subject for ever and ever amen.”


Best thing to do on a rainy day?

“Probably eating lasagne or shopping with friends. I don’t want to say watching a movie because I have little patience to sit and watch most movies or shows. I have to be like really tired for that.”

Favourite book?

“My favourite book is probably “A Clockwork Orange”. I can’t say I am a violent person and that I enjoy the actual violent and crude things that are carried out by Alex and his Droogs in the book… but I think it’s a very great narrative on society and is really relevant in pop culture as a way for people to maybe actually think about things.
I am also totally in love with the “Weetzie Bat” series of books by Francesca Lia Block. They are adult themes presented in a fairy tale way. They are really beautiful and really get to the depth of emotion in the way the stories are presented.”


What do you like most about yourself?

“I like most about myself that I am able to objectively evaluate things in life before jumping in and making dumb ass decisions. I also like that I have a creative approach to most things I do in my life.”




Chickadee – Soundcloud Page

Photographed by Miz Lulu




Mah bish got mad steeze.

Model: Tori Lotecki

Hair Stylist: Niki Rilkoff

Styling/Photograph: Miz Lulu


Miz Lulu


happy flyday

hope you’re all keepin’ it fly this friday! enjoy yourselves, and remember to tell your people that you love them. x




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♡ KMTB ♡


Beautiful pregnant Mama to be Rissa Claire.
Belly art by the beautiful & talented Alice Waldie.
Photographed by Miz Lulu


Miz Lulu




Model: Jacquie-Lynn Re’ne
Photograph: Miz Lulu


Miz Lulu