*₊˚⁎ Baby Shower ⁎˚₊*


 This was actually my first ever baby shower that i’ve attended. Not to mention there were three pregnant women at this baby shower. So i’m sure i’ll be attending more baby showers. ERRYBODY IS GROWING UP!! OMAGAWD!!

The theme of the shower was purple & gold, chocolate & butterflies! Because our hunnie Maria LOVES her butterflies & her purple + chocolate ❤IMG_2330  IMG_2301 IMG_2298 IMG_2279  IMG_2320

My two beauty besties ❤ Who are actually BOTH pregnant! CRAY! The one on the right, the shower was for and our friend on the left just found out she’s having TWINS!! WOOH! SO MUCH BABY GOODNESS ❤IMG_2315IMG_2308IMG_2336IMG_2294IMG_2343

We all wrote a wish for the baby and left them on the flower/middle piece display for the mama to read with her hubby when he got back home 🙂 I wasn’t really sure as of what to wish for the baby besides a “happy and healthy life” which i’m sure it already has because these two are health nuts ❤IMG_2393IMG_2389IMG_2300

Overall it was a super cute & loving babyshower!


Miz Lulu