Cargo – Blush & Bronze DUO

Allo lovelies! Today I have this blush & bronzer duo by Cargo cosmetics. I can’t actually find this item online, so I am assuming this might be some kind of sample pack? Anyways, here’s a link to the Cargo website incase anyone wants to check them out!

This little combo is perfect size for minimalism and traveling! A perfect little compact blush and bronzer. The blush is a nice light matte shade and the bronzer is a warm bronze with some sparkle to it.


I love the sleek metal packaging! img_0915


Miz Lulu


☞ Ipsy ☼ April 2 0 1 5 ☜


Hey beautiful beings

This months Ipsy theme was Bohemian Beauty which i think we all will have a bit of appreciation and love for this bag!

If you don’t know what ipsy is, it’s a monthly beauty bag subscription that comes in a new bag every month. Carrying 4-5 drugstore products for only $10 each month. ^.^ for your own bag you can follow my link here!

ipsy_02This month was this really pretty woven bag ^.^ My first product here is this blush by HIKARI in the shade “Tango Blush”  I have two lipsticks by this brand which i have really been loving, so i am excited to try this blush out! I highly recommend checking out the HIKARI products.

 Next is this eyeshadow sample from the Nude Dude eyeshadow palette by the BALM. I have this in the shade “Flirty”. I really love this eyeshadow, it’s this really beautiful brown – purple shade that shimmers with a gold highlight. I would really love to purchase the full palette (when i have money waah ;-;).


Next i have this all natural, vegan tinted lip & cheek balm by Mullein & Sparrow. The sent is Pachouli and Orange. The orange in the scent makes it a nice sweet smell. ^.^


Next is this Ultra light face lotion by LATHER. A non greasy everyday moisturizer, i’ll be using this in the future as i already have a couple lotions on the go!

Last is this eyelid primer by MICA Beauty. I’ve used this once and it seemed to keep my eyeshadow from creasing, so i will be using this more for sure! This and the elf primer are the only eyelid primers that have actually worked on my eyelids not allowing creasing makeup ^.^

That’s everything i got in this months bag! What did you get in your ipsy this month?

If you’re interested in subscribing to your own ipsy bag you can follow my link:


Miz Lulu

Thanks for reading lovelies! xo


♡ Bridal Beauty ♡

LoverlyBridalBeauty02 When I try to imagine my wedding day.. I see lilacs, quartz crystals, amethyst, lace and for some reason oak. The aromas carried by the light breeze in the air are the lilacs, with warm hints of amber and orchids. We are all different, but I am sure there is more than a handful of us who dream of looking like a true angel on our day. Below are a couple of my choices from, An online wedding planning binder with choices of nearly everything needed for your perfect wedding.
There are thousands of dresses to choose from, have a look here: contacted me asking if I would like to put together some bridal makeup that I would wear on my wedding day. This was a perfect surprise because as most of you probably don’t know, I am engaged! And could really use some direction to get started on the planning. The website is very organized and you can search colours to dresses to decor & more! It’s a really neat concept and i’ve already started “loving” things on my account which I will leave below.
On my wedding day I would like to keep things mainly pretty natural, letting my true beauty shine with some subtle enhancements. A slight glow to the skin with light eyes and a soft lip. Below are some products to complete a soft, natural, angelic feeling for your special day!
Bridal Beauty
Which wedding dress would you choose?


Miz Lulu


Current Foundation Routine

It has been a while since my last video… Give or take a good 3-4 months. However the sun is showing its face again and I feel as though I have the energy to continue on with my youtube channel. Having no idea where to start with all this I decided to do my current foundation routine.

If you have any suggestions for videos, i would love to hear them!


February Ipsy Glam Bag


Well.. it’s that time of month again! Thank goodness winter is almost over. I feel so unproductive these last few months! Well.. Ever since December to be honest.. SLOWLY COMING AROUND THOUGH. The sun was out for a couple of days which it was absolutely gorgeous out! Today now we’re back to a cold grey sky with a light sprinkle of snow… And you’re welcome for the weather update 😉

The theme of this months ipsy bag was “the look of love” which is cute, lets not deny it.  The first thing i pulled out was this really pretty “be matte blush”. I was slightly dissapointed when i pulled it out to find it has been all broken up *tear. So i will be doing a blog post soon on how to fix the broken up powder! I have a lot of girlfriends who have just thrown their makeup away not knowing that you can fix it so hopefully it will help some of you out there!

This product is $2.99 and is a full product! … well.. crumbled full product! :3



Next I pulled out another ZOYA box which is always exciting! Inside the box was this really lovely nail polish in the shade “odette” which is this lovely calming purple colour! I have it on right now and i am totally loving it ❤

This product is $9 and is full size!


My next product I actually really enjoy. I’m not one for lip gloss but this gloss isn’t sticky at all and it’s a pretty cute lip colour. it contains avacado and jojoba oils which totally explains the smoothness of it! This lip gloss is from POP beauty, i’ve tried a couple of their other products thanks to ipsy, and i quite enjoy what i’ve tried so far.

So i have this gloss in the shade “Peony Petal”, it is a sample size which i think is perfect for me! All of these gloss’s are actually sold out on their site so i guess people must be loving them!

Since this is a sample size the full size costs $10.50


My next product I pull out of this cute pink bag, is this “Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner” in the shade “starshine” which is this very metallic silver. Should be interesting to try it out this summer!

This product is $15 and is a full size product.


Last but not least was this set of eyelashes from J.Cat beauty. I have a lip pencil from J.Cat and i really love it so i am excited to try these eyelashes out tonight for my girlfriend birthday! Thankfully it came with some eyelash glue because the last eyelashes i got through ipsy left me glueless so they are still sitting in their package, hehe.

These cost $3.99 and is obvs.. a full product! Would be awfully silly if they only put in one eyelash 😛


I hope you enjoyed my glam bag post this month! What did you get in yours?? I would love to take a look or hear what you got!