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I received some really lovely products today from Shoreline Body Co. Handmade & based in Ucluelet, BC Canada. The owner from Shoreline Body Co – Amy, grows her very own medicinal herbs to infuse her products with the healing powers of herbs and pure ingredients .  Her products are “pure, natural and simple.”

You can find Shoreline Body products here:


etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ShorelineBodyCo?ref=l2-shopheader-name


BUZZ Lip Balm – This lip balm is very smooth and soothing on the lips. There is many good properties about the ingredients so I will list them below from the Shoreline website. Shoreline Lip Balm’s go for $8.00. A fantastic price for homegrown and handmade products made with passion and love!




I had the pleasure of including the Essence Facial Toner in my skin care routine this morning. This specific toner is a rose toner which excites me because I am a huge fan of products that include the healing power of roses! I feel like she explains her products so well in her product descriptions so I am going to include images of those so I am not trying to rewrite her fabulous words!

Rose Facial Toner : $24





Next is this FLAWLESS Face Serum. Which she honestly couldn’t have found a better name for it! This serum is absolutely divine! I included this after I did the facial toner in my skin routine this morning. My skin is feeling so hydrated and rejuvenated today! I’m super excited for my skin and myself to continue using these in my daily routine ❀


Including the healing properties of the Organic Oils from – Calendula, Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed, Geranium, Rosemary, Lavender, Neroli and the purest form of Love!

I applied 4 drops to my face, massaging and patting it into my skin.

FLAWLESS Face Serum: $28



My last heavenly product from Shoreline Body Co is this BALANCE Body Butta’.  This is a very hydrating blend, looking a bit like honey in the jar! It was a bit liquidy when I first opened it, due to the intense heat of the summer right now. However since it’s been inside it has started to thicken a bit more which will make it more manageable.


Leaving my skin smooth and hydrated and my hands not too oily afterwards like some body budders. The smell and aroma I am getting from this is so lovely and calming.

BALANCE Body Budda: $24



This was such a lovely package clearly made with passion and love. I was so impressed that the the medicinal herbs she uses in her products are all homegrown and cared for personally. This is a huge quality and really appreciated! Thank you Amy for the lovely products, they are truly divine!

Make sure to have a look at Shoreline Body’s other natural products!


etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ShorelineBodyCo?ref=l2-shopheader-name

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$4.49 Opalite Teardrop Plugs


If you have your ears stretched like myself, we both know plugs can get hella expensive. I know in the town I live in, If I were to buy these exact plugs they would cost me $40+. And I understand that it is important to support local, but it’s also important to not rip off the locals.

Thus being said, I personally only buy my plugs online. I ordered a few different pairs along with this lovely Opal pair that I will be sharing with you shortly!

I wear 22mm and these fit great! They hold onto the light very nicely and the colour will go with everything in your wardrobe. ♡



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☞ 2016 ☽☆☾ Reflection ☜


Welcoming the New Year with my first post of 2016! Reflecting on what happened in 2015 and how it has helped shape my life for 2016. Although i’m not going to sit here and bore you with my life story, i’ll save you that time.

However I will share with you some of my goals for this year and what I am looking forward too.

So as .. none of you know, I’m in college for Aesthetics. Which includes, nail art (manicures & pedicures), makeup, waxing, tinting and facials. I’ll be graduating in April if all goes as planned. In February we have our class trip to Vancouver for a Spa Convention,  i’m interested to see what kind of workshops i’ll be able to sign up for. Expanding of the knowledge. After graduating, the plan is to move in with a girlfriend of mine from my class, she’ll be moving most likely in the fall so we’ll live together for the spring and summer, then more spontaneous behaviour will be held.

I’m really hoping to post more frequently this year, to be creative and more productive. Looking to do more photoshoots, i’ve been drawing a bit on the side. A friend of mine and myself decided to work on a colouring book, so i’ve been doodling everyday for the last 3 days. Here’s a little example..


A goal of mine for this year is to really stop caring about what people think/talk negatively about me. I’m pretty good at it already, but I really want to give zero fucks about what someone else is taking their time out to think and talk about me. The time and energy people can, and do put out on thinking negatively about others and allowing it to intrude and bother their lives, is their fucking problem :P. Like I said to my girlfriend “at least they talk about us”. We don’t even know some of these people, and they know us by name. They’re even making stories up about us, pretty fantastic.

As none of you know my (x)Fiancee and I split up this past fall, i’ve been living at the dorms, meeting new people and trying to find myself again. I love growing and 2016 is about growing. Life is about growing, learning – knowledge, I want to say is everything but I do feel love plays a huge roll in life as well. Over the last couple of months i’ve already shaped quite a bit, what ever that means.

Feeling comfortable in my own skin again, but not too comfortable 😉


Miz Lulu



What were your new year resolutions? If you had any.

I never have really had one that i’ve followed through with.. Nothing that was too important. This year is different, i set my goal for being published this year sometime. It’s only the beginning of April and i can already taste it. I have quite a few submissions lined up for my retouching with various photographers i’m working with. So because i believe in myself and believe that i will be publish in the near future my next goal is going to start taking place.

In the summer or late spring when we make it down to Vancouver (me and my boyfriend that is) I will be setting up appointments for castings to become an agency model. It may not be as glamorous as we all think but i really would like to give it a chance for i am tall skinny and am told i am photogenic, i love photography but would like to come into the fashion industry from multiple angles if possible! So i am starting to eat very healthy starting today, no wheat and less meat! haha that can be my new slogan! 😛 I’m going to be drinking tons of water and taking my vitamins. I am also going to start exercising 3 times a week is my goal. Mondays is turbo fitness for 45 minutes at the gym with the ladies from the shore, i’m going to start walking along the road that goes along the lake side so i can get my beauty in as well! I would like to start doing more yoga so i become more flexible.

Saying all this will hopefully help motivate me,i might as well post a before an after image for my progress and what not.

If any of you are interested in doing this with me, it could help us both have more motivation so if anyone is interested in getting healthy and in shape! Let me know!