Hello, September.

Hello you lovely beings! I feel like I haven’t really sat down to write about my life at all in the past 6 months +. Although we don’t know each other very well, i’d love to hear what you’ve been up to and how your Summer treated you. What you have to look forward this Autumn, and what you’re doing to get closer to you day dream..


My Summer definitely was not my finest. I feel like I put myself through more then I should have allowed. I let someone truly disrespect me to the point where I put myself on the back burner and ended up disrespecting myself, which ended up me in bed depressed staring at the wall and ceiling with no bed sheets, blanket covers or pillow cases on my bed in the complete cold silence. I was so emotionally exhausted and had no motivation or anything that was inspiring to me at the time. I thankfully got rid of those poisonous things in my life and am back on my creative toes feeling motivated and productive.

What I learnt from this was to really put yourself first. Stop putting everyone before you, you need to take care of yourself and make sure you’re happy where you are in life and you’re doing what you want with your time.

I was in a car accident August 28th which thankfully everyone is okay who was involved. I’ve got a decent whiplash on my right side and a nasty wound on my left leg that has been swollen since it happened. My shins are bruised and my ankle and knee get swollen from the weird hard wound on my leg. I’m going to get x-rays because its almost been 2 weeks and this hard lump on my leg doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So i’m currently talking to a lawyer about all of this.

On top of all that i’ve been taking tons of photos, getting more and more into fashion photography. I have a whole WHACK of photo’s I haven’t shared on this blog but you can catch all my recent updates on my facebook linked below. I haven’t been doing much on my youtube channel which i’d like to get back into soon. Working as an Aesthetician at Found Salon & Spa in Nelson, which has been going good since I got out of College in April.

I think i’ll leave it at that for now ^.^

Take care friends!



Miz Lulu