Cherry Blossom Gentle Foaming Cleanser – Zatik Beauty Essentials


I received this from my Mama a while back and have been using it in my daily skin care routine. I use this as my third step after i’ve washed with a milk cleanser and exfoliated with a micro gommage. It instructs to massage into skin and leave for 5 minutes before washing off. I usually do this while i’m in the shower and don’t massage it too much into my skin.


This is a very gentle cleanser and smells divine. This is a “natural” cleanser, I’m not sure if it is organic or cruelty free though. (sowwy!) It comes with a pump applicator and will foam once you rub it around in your palms a bit.


I personally wouldn’t use just this as a face cleanser, but that’s because I like my milk cleansers 😛 I can’t actually find Zatik online, but the ones I can find online of this cleanser vary from 26 – 34 $. Personally I would not repurchase but each to their own ❤

Thanks for reading!


Miz Lulu