GoodMorning ♡ with Regena Life Keto Coffee

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to just sit back and enjoy the slow life when it is handed to us. Each morning I try to remember to take things slow and enjoy each moment while I can during these cold winter months. I personally enjoy a nice cup of coffee when I first wake up, I find this a very comforting ritual. This morning I am enjoying the Regena Life Keto Coffee, made with Hormone Free Grass-Fed Butter and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) helping to increase your body’s ketone production to rapidly breakdown fat, boost your energy, and sharpen your focus! Ideal for the wee morning hours in my opinion! ☕ #sponsored

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My next project is going to be our bedroom, we stationed downstairs while i was pregnant (close to the bathroom) and then the first couple of months once Jude joined us earthside. Now we have our new couch and we headed upstairs with our bedroom which is very plain (& boring in my opinion because this girl needs some fun things to look at and some colour to enjoy) so the next step is getting our bedroom together, decorating to my taste and creating a nest for my little family.

  • No Sugar Added
  • Non GMO
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Hormones
  • Contains fatty acids from Grass-Fed Butter and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) from Coconuts.​
  • Contains all three (3) MCT Fractions C8, C10 & C12.


Get $25 OFF when you spend $50

Check out Regena Life Keto Coffee here:

Thanks so much for joining me this morning! I hope everyone has a lovely day.

ethical bean coffee ☕ review

The rich, smokey coffee bean flavour I could taste through the smell that gusted out of the bag when I first opened it was some what orgasmic I want to say, this medium/dark roast should have been titled lust.


My boyfriend and I are about 3/4 of the way through this new coffee we decided to try out. This ethical coffee is Arabica, fair trade, certified Canada & USDA organic.

I was intrigued by they’re packaging. They have a little scan bit on the back you can scan with your phone and trace the coffee’s unique journey from crop to cup. On the back they have a resealable bit so you don’t have to cut this bag open or worry about your beans going stale!

At the store we bought it from, I believe there were 4 different blends, I cannot recall the other ones however we decided to go with “lush” because why would you not! This is a medium dark roast with a very rich flavour perfect for our Vigano Vespress stovetop espresso maker!  Soooo yummy. The description really says it all on the packaging:

l u s h

Any richer, and you’d ask it for a loan. A heavy cup with Burgundian fullness, alive with fruit, smoke & earth notes.


There is 8 different roasts both in full bean or pre ground. I would recommend this if you’re seeking out a new coffee bean to try. $12.99 for 340g whole bean. Slammin deal if you ask me!

☕  xo

Miz Lulu