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Little Haul!

IMG_2504Just a little haul for all my lovely birds out there ❤

I simply had to buy this colour because it was called 480 “Wine Not”. Being a red wine drinker myself and that dark moody purples – maroon colours are my FAVOURITE. This happened to be exactly what I was looking for!

The other nail polish Is in the shade 245 “Seductive” It is more of a flat colour with no shine to it. I’m sure it will grow on me, Wine Not totally KICKS Seductive’s ASS though. Just sayin. IMG_2524 IMG_2526I LOOOOOVE THIS GREEN TEA SCRUB BY ST.IVES. Repurchase ❤  The Biore strips is also a repurchase i’ve been using these nose strips for years now! They work really really good!
IMG_2529 IMG_2533 IMG_2535

Purchased these on Aliexpress here: http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6232509431.html

Hope you enjoyed this small, fall.. haul! ;3

Have a lovely day ❤


Miz Lulu


Small Collective Haul: June 2013

I cannot believe how fast June is flying by.. it’s kind of sad because i had all these things i wanted to accomplish this month and haven’t really found time for anything. Not to mention this is my fourth time trying to post this mother fuckin blawg. I put quite a bit of time into it the first 3 times.. Then i pressed published and it would be empty, so i am smart enough to copy this post at least this time.. Hoping i won’t have to paste it in 20 minutes.. Anywho! On with the blog!

Claw Bracelet I ordered off of ebay, unfortunately the store I ordered off of is no longer on ebay for what ever reason, but i’m sure you can find loads of cheap ones on there! As for the mascara wasn’t a favorite of mine, for those who want big, bold, butterfly flapping eyelashes like myself, this is not for you. Suggestions are welcome!

ImageImage Image

The Sunglasses are from Forever 21, the link is in my previous blog ;3

I picked up some AG hair products finally, because i’m soo fucking tired of wasting my money on all these drugstore products to only have them disappoint me in the end. (long time AG lover, just broke as a joke so haven’t been able to afford anything nice until currently)Anyone out there that may be reading this.. Give up the drugstore products you and i both know that there is no hope. As for the bath bomb, i haven’t had a bath bomb since like.. junior high or even elementary possibly, so i’m excited to use this in the near future. ImageImageImageImage



Will be doing review on hair products in the future n_n