☼ The sun shines for a day of me hiding in my cave ☼

Alright, so i still haven’t recorded to that video of how to dye your hair pastel lavender.. colour :3 . however i have started a couple new projects which have been keeping me from making this video (i can come up with plenty excuses i mean who am i lying to? myself of course!) I recently teamed up with 2 photographers and just got a load of images for agency models that i have to edit the next while, the photos i recieved some of the models are just absolutely breathe taking and i feel blessed to have the talent of working with these people. I’m also working on a video campaign for posture beads currently getting the storyboard together and gathering more inspiration and what not.. So that should be up in the next couple of weeks hopefully; we will be raising money for Posture Beads; the necklaces are made in Bahli by worker for fare trade. I will get more into this later because the video will explain everything so i don’t want to leak the surprise! 🙂

I went to “Turbo Fitness” last night at the school out here. A handful of ladies from out here just get together and follow the tubro fitness videos every Monday. So i have started doing that for exercise and i was going to go to soccer today however my time of month is kickin’ in and the strongest full moon of the year is tomorrow night so i feel very… “off” lets just call it. Not in the mood to socialize in the sun with my black cherry okanagan ciders and a doobie or two.

I’m just going to finish up the second half of this series from a Photographer i’m working with from Vancouver so i can get them sent off and able to post!

Take care for now my crazies