Milo’s Zhen / T Lane Design – Photoshoot Outfit #3

Upcycled clothing by Milo’s Zhen: Model: Tessa Lane (Owner & Designer of T Lane Design) Handmade Accessories: T Lane Design Photograph’s by: x o m i z  l u l u y o u t u b e / l o o k b o o k/ i n s t a g […]

friday ootd

hey friends! happy flyday! hope you’re all doing something super snazzy this weekend! have a drink and a toke fer ur girl, kthanks xo Top: Dollskill GrannyPannies: Wallmart > . < x o m i z  l u l u y o u t u b e / l o o k b o o […]

p o o l s i d e ✧ p r i n c e s s / backpack

I bought this insanely adorable “backpack” when was having their 420 sale, which I received an additional 20% off of the sale price. This bag is still on sale if you’re interested in glamming up your life a little bit. ✧ I tested it out and stuffed my bag full with a sweater and […]

♡ $2.62 ♡ h e a r t ♡ s u n n i e s ♡

♡ these heart glasses come in 5 different shades! ♡ CLICK FOR HEART SUNNIES! x o m i z  l u l u y o u t u b e / l o o k b o o k

Cute Character Liquid Eyeliner for $0.67

A while back I came across these adorable liquid eyeliner characters. They are sooo affordable, they’re only 67 cents a piece. I bought two in both the colour black. They dry a bit cracky but if you put a second layer on it dries fine. There’s 6 different characters on this link, but i’m sure […]

♡ Maggie Day ♡

Love this funky cat! This is just a couple snaps from a photoshoot I did with her and one other that I will be sharing with you shortly! ♡ Check out her altered clothing line Milo’s Zhen on facebook! I will be shooting her lookbook in the near future! xo Miz Lulu YOUTUBE/ FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM […]

☽ ◊ ○ ◌ Kim Kooznetsoff Part #1 ◌ ○ ◊ ☾

A few shots from a recent photoshoot I did with this beauty! Model: Kim Kooznetsoff Photographer/Editor: Miz Lulu xo Miz Lulu YOUTUBE/ FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TUMBLR / LOOKBOOK/ TWITTER

✧ ● ◯△ ☢ ▽ ◯ ● ✧


A little house warming gift, & a small update.

Recently, as none of you know, a lot has come together for me the last couple of months.. I finished college and I am officially a certified Aesthetician, the day of my final exam I was hired at an AVEDA concept spa, so I went straight from school to finding a job in my field I […]