About a month ago I was contacted by a very lovely employee of the LookBookStore.com, which is an online fashion store. Vanessa invited me to be apart of their “blogger program” to help promote a couple of their items. She was nice enough to send me two items for free to enjoy and review for you lovely birds out there! ❤


Seeing as the weather has taken a huge turn and we await the arrival of the snow, the items I chose were to keep warm, but stay fashionable at the same time 😉 . My first item is this “oversized” knit cardigan, now.. It COULD be oversized if I was 5’5″, being 5’8″ though, this is more just a medium-long cardigan. The sleeves don’t reach my wrists which doesn’t really bother me, the zipper is a bit on the cheap side, other than that i love this knit cardigan! ❤ I think it would be even more awesome if it had a hood! Just sayin ❤


This knit cardigan costs $42.00. You can find it here!



My next was my favorite thing on the entire website! Which is this WICKED “Black Faux Fur Coat”. I’m super excited to wear this for halloween, and throughout the winter! This actually keeps me pretty dang warm and fits me PERFECT. This retails at $86.00 & is sooo soft yet fierce!

You can purchase the coat here!:

http://www.lookbookstore.co/collections/outerwears/products/black-faux-fur-coatIMG_3667  fuzcoatfurr

I love love looove the products I was sent and I highly recommend checking out their selection! Thanks again Vanessa you were very well spoken and understanding to my needs and questions! x



Miz Lulu


Little Haul!

IMG_2504Just a little haul for all my lovely birds out there ❤

I simply had to buy this colour because it was called 480 “Wine Not”. Being a red wine drinker myself and that dark moody purples – maroon colours are my FAVOURITE. This happened to be exactly what I was looking for!

The other nail polish Is in the shade 245 “Seductive” It is more of a flat colour with no shine to it. I’m sure it will grow on me, Wine Not totally KICKS Seductive’s ASS though. Just sayin. IMG_2524 IMG_2526I LOOOOOVE THIS GREEN TEA SCRUB BY ST.IVES. Repurchase ❤  The Biore strips is also a repurchase i’ve been using these nose strips for years now! They work really really good!
IMG_2529 IMG_2533 IMG_2535

Purchased these on Aliexpress here: http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6232509431.html

Hope you enjoyed this small, fall.. haul! ;3

Have a lovely day ❤


Miz Lulu


September Ipsy Bag!

IMG_2542I received my Ipsy bag extremely late this month, but better late then never! This months bag was this gunmetal silver with four studs spread across the top of the bag.



My first product is this Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser by Nourish Organic. I haven’t used this yet because at first I was simply confused wether it was a moisturizing cream or if it was a face cleanser. However my friends, yes, THIS PRODUCT IS BOTH.  This is a sample size, the full size is $13.00



  • Fragrance-free formula cleanses without drying or irritating
  • Penetrates deep into pores to dissolve dirt, oil and makeup
  • Packed with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish skin

This gentle cleanser washes away impurities without drying, irritating or causing redness. Cucumber hydrates and soothes. Watercress, rich in antioxidants, helps protect skin from free radical damage. Fragrance-Free. Alcohol-Free. Gluten-Free. Vegan.


My next product is this “Luxury Hand Cream” by Mitchell and Peach. Made in England! I’ve never tried any of their products until this hand cream. It leaves your hands velvety smooth and the scent is quite delightful. This is a sample size, the full product costs £17 which would be like.. $22.?


“This easily absorbed hand cream contains Vitamin E, shea butter and English honey to soften, nourish and protect the skin.”


Next I have this Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in the shade 08 Love Affair. This is a really deep burgundy/maroon colour, I tried this lip gloss out and I would recommend wearing overtop of a colour lip. It doesn’t layer very well so you need to have a base colour on your lips so they don’t appear streaky. This is a full size product at the price of $19 (this product alone pays for the entire bag itself and $3 left over in Canada)



Next is this Natural Eye Pencil by Pacifica in the shade “Gun Metal” (how fitting). The pigment of this eye pencil is really nice and bold. This is a sample size, full product costs $11.

Natural Eye Pencil


(Swatches of Cailyn Art Touch Lip Gloss & Pacifica Eye Pencil)IMG_2554

Last in my bag I have this duo brush by CROWN Brush | C476 Crease/Shadow | It’s very soft and i’m sure i’ll get some good use out of this! New brushes are always welcome ❤ This is a full size product, I can’t find this specific brush on the website at the moment but I imagine it would be a similar price to these ones, $9.99.





If you want your own subscription to Ipsy follow this link! CLICK HERE!

Thanks for reading!


Miz Lulu


August Favorites


This Summer has been an interesting one. Probably one of the most heartbreaking, sad, unproductive summers i’ve had. It had its amazing moments that I wouldn’t give up for this world, but there are some people that I really wish were still with us, who we unfortunately lost this summer. It’s been a crazy Summer of unfortunate events, remember to remind those who you love, say what’s on your mind and stay true to yourself. This life is short and precious. Happy that this Summer is over, and excited to take on the Fall, lets get into these favorites.


I will start left to right just to cause less confusion 😛 So there is my tattoo choker & scrunchie <–obviously a 90’s kid. (I’m currently working on opening an online store. You’ll be seeing more of my products here and there before my store launches..) Tattoo chokers being one of those things you’ll be able to get in my store ^.^ The scrunchie came in a pack of 8 just from any old drugstore.

I got the black obsidian buddha head necklace at the PNE in Vancouver. “Obsidian rock forms from molten lava that cooled very quickly and had no time to form into glass. It is said to be a type of volcanic glass… and is found in a number of places worldwide. Black Obsidian is a very protective stone. It is said to form a shield against negativity and to absorb negative energies from the environment. Because of this it should be cleansed regularly in running water.”

The three bracelet’s I have this month are all going to be available in my store when I launch it this Fall (hoping this fall, fingers crossed!) :D! The white buddha head & turquoise buddha head are both made of turquoise stone. The black bracelet with a gold buddha head is made of natural obsidian stone, the same as my necklace.IMG_1698

I bought both pairs of these plugs (for my ears) from http://bodyjewelrysource.com/ I only ever buy plugs when they’re onsale.. almost like everything else I shop for 😛 They always have new sales and deals on so go and check out their selection if you’re interested ^.^


I know it was a little early to bust out the gingerbread tea.. But seriously this tea is so effing tasty, and comforting. I usually heat almond milk, with two of these tea bags in a pot so I can have a couple cups full. The cup I featured in my mini Vancouver haul, I bought it at an Art Market at a farm in Cultus Lake, it was quite cute if i do say so mahself 😉 The jar of substance on the right of the stump is this lovely body butter my girlfriend made for me ❤ It smells like lemon marring pie(<–don’t know spelling) , it’s AMAZING and all natural && very moisturizing ^.^ Love you Maria if you’re reading this!


Last is this tasty smelling candle I purchased at Target. MY GOODNESS I AUGHTA SAY THAT TARGET CANDLE ISLE.. I spent a good half hour choosing what candles I wanted to flutter my house with! There is SO many good ones.IMG_1730

Love you all ❤ How was your summer? Are you excited for Fall?

Hello to all my new followers! Welcome to the family <3!





October Ipsy Glam Bag [Video]

So i tried to make a post with the pictures to my ipsy glam bag, however it didn’t save :/ and my internet crashed so i’ll have to put it together again today! Here is the video how ever ❤ hope you enjoy! Please thumbs up the video and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! xo


*Miss Kitten Vintage* with Robin Marie Kristopher

I recently teamed up with Robin Marie Kristopher of the online vintage store “Miss Kitten Vintage” to shoot her Fall/Winter lookbook. Our adventures took us to Mount Saint Francis, which was established in 1947 and shut down in 1997. The creepy, haunting goodness of this beautiful building had us hoping to find a way in. Unfortunately for us, the poor building is packed in with asbestos and was all boarded up. Leaving us with no way of entry… If only we had brought a ladder </3 After being hopeless for a while and only wishing a door would magically open for us we moved our way to the local graveyard, which I must admit is absolutely beautiful this time of year.

Come take a look what Miss Kitten Vintage has in store for you!



OOTD: Gypsy Warrior

OOTD: Gypsy Warrior

I recently recieved some things from Gypsy Warrior which gave me the motivation to do some photos 🙂 I love this mesh dress I got from GW. Originally $120 which I personally would never pay for it because It does not meet my standards for good quality, However I do enjoy having it in my closet for dress up and got it onsale for $30.
My shoes I bought for myself for my birthday back in July. They are the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Fab heel. I paid $80 originally $160 from Solestruck.com

If you have lookbook, click my picture and hype mah shit!!