Little Haul!

IMG_2504Just a little haul for all my lovely birds out there ❤

I simply had to buy this colour because it was called 480 “Wine Not”. Being a red wine drinker myself and that dark moody purples – maroon colours are my FAVOURITE. This happened to be exactly what I was looking for!

The other nail polish Is in the shade 245 “Seductive” It is more of a flat colour with no shine to it. I’m sure it will grow on me, Wine Not totally KICKS Seductive’s ASS though. Just sayin. IMG_2524 IMG_2526I LOOOOOVE THIS GREEN TEA SCRUB BY ST.IVES. Repurchase ❤  The Biore strips is also a repurchase i’ve been using these nose strips for years now! They work really really good!
IMG_2529 IMG_2533 IMG_2535

Purchased these on Aliexpress here:

Hope you enjoyed this small, fall.. haul! ;3

Have a lovely day ❤


Miz Lulu