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Today I have an incredibly special collaboration to share with you. I was recently in contact with the lovely Michele Lav; owner and creator of AlienScty. Her store specializes in Religious Artifacts, Medicinal Herbs & Spiritual tools. She just recently relocated to beautiful Montreal, Quebec. So further or due lets jump into this special package!


Michele creates these beautiful herbal sets [DIY tea & bath]. This is just a sample pack of the herbal set. The full set comes with 15 different organic elements & a few other bits and bobs to have the complete set for your creations.

She included jasmine, marigold, hibiscus and lavender. I have recently gotten more into creating my own teas with the organic plants that grow around where I reside. This will be a lovely additive to my tea making ^.^


This next lovely little gift made my entire package smell divine. This is an organic lavender bath bag made with epsom salt lavender scented , dried lavender buds, dried rosemary, virgin coconut oil & oat. These bath bags come in 3’s and are quite enchanting.


The next adorable gift was this miniature bottle with the scent of rose water in it. I’m not sure if it had liquid in it before hand but when I opened it, it smelt lovely but was dry inside. I love the Hamsa imprint on the little clay bottle. This will fit in lovely with my boyfriends small bottle collection ^.^

Rose water:


The next few gifts were wrapped in this beautiful weaved fabric. Absolutely adorable.


In this lovely little pouch I received this beautiful little piece of amethyst which I adore ❤ A compass Necklace in Rose Gold and this double loop Hamsa ring. This ring is very unique and beautiful. I haven’t seen a double loop ring like this before and was in Aw when I tried it on for the first time! The compass necklace is very special and delicate & would speak to any traveling soul ❤


Compass Necklace:


Last is my very favourite! I am in love with everything Michele has sent me, however these shell spoons she makes are so beautiful and different and I think every mermaid hearted spirit would fall in love with these gorgeous spoons.


Thank you so much to Michele Lav from Alienscty, what you are doing is so special and I hope you continue following your passions and your heart ❤ blessings to your beautiful soul.

15% OFF Coupon Code: MIZLULU

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Cherry Blossom Gentle Foaming Cleanser – Zatik Beauty Essentials


I received this from my Mama a while back and have been using it in my daily skin care routine. I use this as my third step after i’ve washed with a milk cleanser and exfoliated with a micro gommage. It instructs to massage into skin and leave for 5 minutes before washing off. I usually do this while i’m in the shower and don’t massage it too much into my skin.


This is a very gentle cleanser and smells divine. This is a “natural” cleanser, I’m not sure if it is organic or cruelty free though. (sowwy!) It comes with a pump applicator and will foam once you rub it around in your palms a bit.


I personally wouldn’t use just this as a face cleanser, but that’s because I like my milk cleansers 😛 I can’t actually find Zatik online, but the ones I can find online of this cleanser vary from 26 – 34 $. Personally I would not repurchase but each to their own ❤

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A little house warming gift, & a small update.


Recently, as none of you know, a lot has come together for me the last couple of months.. I finished college and I am officially a certified Aesthetician, the day of my final exam I was hired at an AVEDA concept spa, so I went straight from school to finding a job in my field I studied for! (which is bloody amazing) I moved in with my brother and i’ve been dating a really amazing guy ^.^

Last weekend we had a little house warming barbecue, although my beautiful new man couldn’t make it, a handful of friends and my parents were able to attend. My Mother is such a sweetheart and brought us this little basket of goodies.

Anybody tried this Wine O’Clock wine before? I’m not much of a white wine gal however this wasn’t terrible! To go along with the wine my mom threw in some Asian herbal candies, some homemade pickled beets and a big fat grape lollipop.

Thanks Ma, you’re a gem ❤


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