Chickadee – The You in Me (Official Music Video)

My very first music video! I am blessed to be in such great contact with this beautiful angel! I had the pleasure of visiting Dasha Morningstar’s Baba’s garden.

Chickadee’s new video for her song “The You in Me” from her EP Goodmorning! Completely shot in her Baba’s garden !

Video recorded & edited by Miz Lulu :…

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The Spent Dandelion – All Natural Handmade Perfume Oil

IMG_8033.JPGI was recently in touch with Debra Pschigoda on etsy, who is a stay at home mama with a passion for re-purposing “spent” items and for all things that bring us closer to nature and a more natural way of living. Debra sent me 3 of the 9 perfume oils she makes at home to review and share with all you lovely birds out there! ❤

IMG_8037.JPGI’ve been using these oils for a little over a week now and i’ve grown very fond of the Sweet Patchouli and the Bergamont ,Yarrow & Vanilla perfumes. The Hippie Godiva is also very nice, a bit more floral than the others and very lovely! I’ve used the Sweet Patchouli almost every day since i’ve had it and the oil hasn’t moved down in the bottle at all, so this will last me a super long time which is exciting! I literally cover any skin showing with these oils because i’m so in love with them ♡ They come with a little roller ball application which makes is super easy to apply and perfect for in your purse 😛

These perfume oils are $9 and is 1/3 oz  a bottle which is extremely affordable and worth your money!


Debra’s profile:

“Handmade with no harsh, hormone disrupting chemicals. If you can’t pronounce it don’t put it on your skin! My perfume oils are made in my home using only fractionated coconut oil and a blend of essential oils all of which hold their own aroma-therapeutic benefits. This way, you don’t just smell good, but you’re doing something good for your mind, body and soul too! I currently offer nine amazing scents in four different sizes. “


Sweet Patchouli – A lighter version of the original; slightly sweeter because of the addition of vanilla. Aromatherapy benefits: aphrodisiac, romantic, soothing, sensual, calming, comforting, balancing.
Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil and Essential Oils of Patchouli and Vanilla.

Hippie Godiva – For the floral hippy, Hippie Godiva combines four essential oils which results in this exotic scent. Aromatherapy benefits: aphrodisiac, uplifting, inspiring, confidence-building, calming, comforting, balancing, relaxing, sensual, romantic,soothing, and mood-lifting.
Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil and Essential Oils of Bergamot, Vanilla, Jasmine and Geranium.

Bergamot, Yarrow & Vanilla – A light and uplifting scent for those days that you need it! Aromatherapy benefits: aphrodisiac, uplifting, inspiring, confidence-building, calming, comforting, balancing.
Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil and Essential Oils of Bergamot, Yarrow and Vanilla.


I’m super excited to share these with you, I truly believe in supporting small home businesses and fair trade! And hope this brings some interest to some of you lovelies out there! ❤ & I want to thank Debra for sending me these lovely oils, i’m really enjoying them and happy to have the chance to write this review about your lovely products!

Make sure to check out Debra’s etsy store the Spent Dandelion:


Miz Lulu


July Ipsy Bag


It’s been a couple of month’s since I posted an Ipsy bag review! Happy to bring you my birth month’s bag though! July that is! I hope everyone has been having a lovely summer and been soaking up those sun beams 😉



Since the wild flowers are slowly dying down, I decided to lighten things up with some cutesie daisies, enjoy! ❤


BB Creme SPF 25 – Light Tint by derma e is only a sample size so i’m not sure how much this would cost, however full size is $29.50 for 60 ml.

This tint is a tad too light for my skin tone during the summer. It does blend in pretty nicely, definitely not jiving with my tan right now though.

“This advanced formula instantly erases the look of imperfections and turns back the clock on aging skin. Conceals, brightens and evens out skin tone.”


 SPF 30 Sunscreen by pur~lisse. This sunscreen is pretty light to the touch however does have a pretty strong scent of the “sunscreen”, so for people with sensitive skin I would probably not use this on your face.. As it does not specify wether it is for your body or face.

This is a sample size so I am not sure how much this would cost. The full product of 50mL costs $55.00 which for me personally is a bit on the pricey side for sunscreen.


bareMinerals READY Eye Shadow 2.0, shade “inspiration”. I’m not sure I understand the shade title but I do really like the purple shade ^.^ The pigment doesn’t seem anything too special, builds nicely and leaves a pretty sparkle.

This also is a sample, full size come’s with a little brush and perhaps a mirror for $20.


Tinted Brilliance Balm – “Unique Pink” by Pixi. My first impression is that it glides nicely onto my lips and it feels of a light Vaseline, if any of you reading this have used vaseline on your lips.. repairing and smooth.. I don’t see any tint on my lips although in the description is does quote “Your own personal, pH reactive pink”, deffinitely no unique pinkess going on over here though.. Just a bit more juicy looking.

Feels nice though, I like it.

Again, a sample. Full size product is £12.


pop beauty – Sunkissed Bronzer “Secret Sunshine” Full Size.

I was happy to pull a bronzer out of the cute neon pouch, because I’ve been using this little random bronzer in a little makeup kit from e.l.f and its 3 shades definitely too dark and looks like dirt on my face. So this brought a smile to my face.

This product is actually out of stock at the moment so i’m not sure how much this bronzer is worth. I know pop beauty is pretty cheaply priced. I’ll make sure to add the price once it’s back in stock.


That concludes everything for this July’s Ipsy bag!

If you received your own Ipsy bag this month let me know what you got in yours! Or link me so I can come have a look and follow your blog!

If you’d like to sign up for your own Ipsy Glam Bag follow my link here: 

Much Love!

Miz Lulu ❤


Sweet Tuesday Evenings.

Sweet Tuesday Evenings.

Hello lovely birds, I apologize for my absence and leaving all you lovely people hanging. Although I didn’t want to bore you with photo’s of myself all the time and look like some snobby self struck young woman who can’t get enough of herself. Which I am not for the record.

I did feel that this photo is worth sharing though, it was taken only about an hour ago when it was still light out.. I just realized its only 8:44 PM and it’s already pretty dark out :C That makes me a little sad in the heart.. August has definitely taken a turn towards Autumn. In July it was light out until about 10PM! Which was amazing. But I guess summer is almost over, so we better enjoy our last summer days while they last. I, myself will be spending most of my Summer and Autumn working indoors sadly enough. I hope the outcome is lots of money and wishing to move to Vancouver maybe for Winter & Spring, but we will see where life takes me.

Feeling a bit more confident today, after work I got all dolled up, thought my boyfriend may be going boating so I thought that would be my chance to film a video.. But he didn’t want to go without me (which is lame) but I don’t blame him because i’m fabulous. So I only got around to taking some photos and this is my favorite out of tonight’s bunch. However, another day passes and I have yet again failed myself and whom ever out there actually wants to see a new video from me. Maybe tomorrow? It’s too dark now and I don’t have good lighting in my house 😦