ethical bean coffee ☕ review

The rich, smokey coffee bean flavour I could taste through the smell that gusted out of the bag when I first opened it was some what orgasmic I want to say, this medium/dark roast should have been titled lust.


My boyfriend and I are about 3/4 of the way through this new coffee we decided to try out. This ethical coffee is Arabica, fair trade, certified Canada & USDA organic.

I was intrigued by they’re packaging. They have a little scan bit on the back you can scan with your phone and trace the coffee’s unique journey from crop to cup. On the back they have a resealable bit so you don’t have to cut this bag open or worry about your beans going stale!

At the store we bought it from, I believe there were 4 different blends, I cannot recall the other ones however we decided to go with “lush” because why would you not! This is a medium dark roast with a very rich flavour perfect for our Vigano Vespress stovetop espresso maker!  Soooo yummy. The description really says it all on the packaging:

l u s h

Any richer, and you’d ask it for a loan. A heavy cup with Burgundian fullness, alive with fruit, smoke & earth notes.


There is 8 different roasts both in full bean or pre ground. I would recommend this if you’re seeking out a new coffee bean to try. $12.99 for 340g whole bean. Slammin deal if you ask me!

☕  xo

Miz Lulu