Friday Night Update:

Greeting my lovely friends, tonight i’m eating a yummy salad listening to yuletide fire with a few of my mates having a drink. Going to watch the hockey game in a little bit here! Nothing too exciting haha. What are you lovely people up to this Friday evening? Advertisements

Hello my lovely birds!

I feelĀ I owe an explanation for being absent and not blogging as constant as I would like to, for you and myself. I’ve got a bit of an update: I bought myself a gym pass and will be going 3 times a week, once i’m happy with my appearance and all toned up i’ll be […]

Its June now but heres my May update for ya ;)

Alrighty my lovely birds and other freaks of nature. I feel i owe you an explanation for being so radtacular on the posting of this month, for myself and for yourselves. Sooo, i recently got a job at Kokanee Springs where i was working last summer which none of you would know that for we […]