About a month ago I was contacted by a very lovely employee of the LookBookStore.com, which is an online fashion store. Vanessa invited me to be apart of their “blogger program” to help promote a couple of their items. She was nice enough to send me two items for free to enjoy and review for you lovely birds out there! ❤


Seeing as the weather has taken a huge turn and we await the arrival of the snow, the items I chose were to keep warm, but stay fashionable at the same time 😉 . My first item is this “oversized” knit cardigan, now.. It COULD be oversized if I was 5’5″, being 5’8″ though, this is more just a medium-long cardigan. The sleeves don’t reach my wrists which doesn’t really bother me, the zipper is a bit on the cheap side, other than that i love this knit cardigan! ❤ I think it would be even more awesome if it had a hood! Just sayin ❤


This knit cardigan costs $42.00. You can find it here!



My next was my favorite thing on the entire website! Which is this WICKED “Black Faux Fur Coat”. I’m super excited to wear this for halloween, and throughout the winter! This actually keeps me pretty dang warm and fits me PERFECT. This retails at $86.00 & is sooo soft yet fierce!

You can purchase the coat here!:

http://www.lookbookstore.co/collections/outerwears/products/black-faux-fur-coatIMG_3667  fuzcoatfurr

I love love looove the products I was sent and I highly recommend checking out their selection! Thanks again Vanessa you were very well spoken and understanding to my needs and questions! x



Miz Lulu


Making lovely new friends this year!

I recently had the confidence to reach out and find new faces for my portfolio. As I lurked many random beautiful ladies on facebook, I came by two very lovely ladies that I had the pleasure of meeting up with and having a ton of fun photographing and making new friends with!

So I want to share the photos in parts so you have more of a feel for each outfit and then i’ll be posting them on my photography page once they are all posted on my main blog 🙂

I am happy to introduce everyone to a new friend of mine Kailey Cooper, you can find this look also on her lookbook that she just started!


Photographed & Edited by Miz Lulu Designs



Sweet Tuesday Evenings.

Sweet Tuesday Evenings.

Hello lovely birds, I apologize for my absence and leaving all you lovely people hanging. Although I didn’t want to bore you with photo’s of myself all the time and look like some snobby self struck young woman who can’t get enough of herself. Which I am not for the record.

I did feel that this photo is worth sharing though, it was taken only about an hour ago when it was still light out.. I just realized its only 8:44 PM and it’s already pretty dark out :C That makes me a little sad in the heart.. August has definitely taken a turn towards Autumn. In July it was light out until about 10PM! Which was amazing. But I guess summer is almost over, so we better enjoy our last summer days while they last. I, myself will be spending most of my Summer and Autumn working indoors sadly enough. I hope the outcome is lots of money and wishing to move to Vancouver maybe for Winter & Spring, but we will see where life takes me.

Feeling a bit more confident today, after work I got all dolled up, thought my boyfriend may be going boating so I thought that would be my chance to film a video.. But he didn’t want to go without me (which is lame) but I don’t blame him because i’m fabulous. So I only got around to taking some photos and this is my favorite out of tonight’s bunch. However, another day passes and I have yet again failed myself and whom ever out there actually wants to see a new video from me. Maybe tomorrow? It’s too dark now and I don’t have good lighting in my house 😦

I realized.

Soo my lovely birds i realized the other day when i weighed myself i had lost the 15 pounds i wanted to lose the last 4 months from eating right and exercising once or twice a week. So.. i said in a blog earlier i was going to do before and after photo but now i don’t have a before photo and i’m already down 15 pound haha. Well.. down back to what i have been for the last 5 years that is. I gained 15-20 pounds this past year haha which has never happened! i got up to 140lbs. So i was kind of freaking out.. so i slowly cut out wheat more and more ate better things tried to cut out all the bad shit that i was feeding myself.. im ranting. thats what this blog is for i suppose. HOWEVER, since i have already reached my goal pretty much i still would like to stay healthy and fit. So i will be logging what i do and sharing links to workouts and what not that i do.. i’ll try and take photo’s of the food i eat too 🙂 Not that i think anyone who might actually be reading this whole thing would be interested in any of this but this is purely for me and not for you 😉

In other news, headed to town briefly today to pay some bills and get some… pizza… hahaha fuck me. but that’s only cause i’m going to town! ANNNDDD i’m not gunna be a fat ass and eat half the pizza i’ll probably only have two pieces. i neeeeeed my veggies. Hopefully going to finished or near finish the campaign video today if my friend gets her shit together.

Also, gettin mah hair did on friday… i’m not really sure what i want to do with it i just need something!!!! I feel so dull right now </3 its getting long and im excited i’m might do more of an actually ombre hair rather than hey my roots grew out and it looks ombre 😉 so i’m thinking maybe a darker colour for the top? although i was thinking once the sun is out my roots will go more blonde… ughhh decisions decisions.

Anywho that’s all for now,

Stay Crazy.