Even though their beauty doesn’t last long, the few days these flowers share their presence is enough to appreciate for a lifetime. 

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❀ Lip Monthly ❀

So it’s been a hot minute since I did one of these lip monthly bags. This months bag is obviously spring inspired, so had lots of bright fun colours for us to play with!

IMG_7666First item I pulled out was this lipstick by HIKARI, I have 4-5 HIKARI products now, I really enjoy the lipsticks and blush I have by them. This lipstick is in the colour “peony” so right away I knew this was going to be a Barbie pink. Personally.. I really can’t see me wearing this colour on my lips, for I have green hair and my skin tends to get quite red at times. The bright pink against my red skin… nonono… no.

Will deffs be saving this for a photoshoot of some sorts though! Never know when you’re going to need some Barbie pink lipstick! 😉

These HIKARI lipsticks retail at $13IMG_7667IMG_7669My second  product is this Starlooks Gloss in the shade “Cuddle”. The application of this lipgloss is very smooth and I find the colour to be quite flattering with my skin tone. This is deffinitely my favourite product I received in this bag. It even smells a bit like candy ^.^

This Starlooks Gloss retails at $9  IMG_7673Next I have this Glamour Dolls Gloss Snob in the shade “wildflower”. HOLY WOW the pigment to this lipgloss is insane. You can be very generous with this product, for a little goes a long way. I’m curious what other colours they have of this gloss. Smells a bit like sunscreen, which I don’t mind ^.^ I’m not sure how much I am really into these bright colours, but i’m going to have to give them a go ^.^

Speaking of wildflowers, my allergies off the hizzaay today.

This Glamour Dolls Gloss Snob retails for $1.99  |  Cruelty Free


I also received an eye accent pencil in the shade “Denim”. This is an all natural product which I really admire and retails for $6.99.

I paid $15 for this bag and all the products together are worth $30.98, so you’re really getting your moneys worth and if you like sending yourself little gift/surprise bags, then this would be perfect for you! (especially if you love lip products!)


This is the end of this bag! You can see the cute little pouch these items came in below, I hope you’re all having a really lovely spring & i’ll chat with you lovelies soon again! xoIMG_7681


Miz Lulu