A new face, a new friend!

In January I stepped out of my comfort zone and went ahead and asked two girls I had lurked by on facebook if they would be interested in being apart of my portfolio, and that I am looking to meet new people to collaborate with! They both happen to be in college, one hairdressing and the other digital arts! Ooh how lovely it is to meet new creative minded people. I am excited to feature both Amber & Kailey again in my portfolio this year! You can see Kailey’s photo’s I shot on my photography page ❤

Here are a few of the photo’s I took of Amber ❤ She’s such a sweetheart!



Seeking new clients & projects this new year!

ImageLooking to take on some new Projects/Clients this year! If you have any kind of company and are in need of business cards, logos, websites, posters, banners, photography, photo editing ect.. I’m your girl! I would love to work with YOU. So shoot me a message if you have been thinking or in need of any of these things so we can work something out! xo Miz Lulu

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