Greeting Lovely Humans

Greetings human friends! I wanted to give a hello to all my followers out there! There are quite a few new followers and I welcome you with both arms wide open. So I welcome you to my blog and hope you have enjoyed your stay so far! My hands are cold typing this and I hope yours are toasty warm while reading.

Oh happy December I am so glad you decided to snow yesterday and today. It wouldn’t have felt like December without waking up to the fluffy white snow outside my cute little house that I share with my boyfriend and new cat – we just adopted (which I will be posting pictures and a blog about him this week!). If you’ve made it this far through the post i’m going to tell you a bit of a secret which is really the farthest thing from a secret now that i’m telling you …Well lets just break the ice 🙂 I’m baked as fok. I personally LOVE to smoke weed and drink tea & coffee, whilst smoking the ganja I love to explore blogs (which is how some of you found my blog!) I love seeing what other people are thinking, having the freedom to type out our thoughts for the world to see, for those who actually want to see, I find very fascinating. I can always find similarities in all of us, as different and strange as we may make ourselves from one another, we can always relate on some term. I promise you that. — So I live out in the mountains eh? Down by the lake, right. A country girl you might call me.. Or perhaps Kootenay girl would be the correct term.

Anyways this is getting out of hand and too many branches to climb so I thank YOU for stopping by and taking a liking to my blog! Please, I welcome you to be as active as you want on my blog! I love reading everything you have to say! I am always looking for a conversation and new things, so please feel free to comment and be active on my blog ❤ If you happen to be a fellow stoner please let me know! We can share stories and fun facts or other silly things and interesting music!

Bye for now!

Hello my lovely birds!

I feel I owe an explanation for being absent and not blogging as constant as I would like to, for you and myself. I’ve got a bit of an update: I bought myself a gym pass and will be going 3 times a week, once i’m happy with my appearance and all toned up i’ll be posting before and after photos n_n I went on wednesday and i’m going again today 🙂

I haven’t had much to blog about lately becase i’ve been working 6-7 days a week 9 hour days, so I literally am not doing anything that is worth blogging about. Which has also kept me from filming, I want to make another video so bad, however i’m sooo worn out and want to be presentable and have the energy to get through these videos and make them worth watching. I have a couple things on their way in the mail.. i also will be getting 2 days off a week starting next week! So I will have hopefully more motivation to start filming again!

How have you all been? If you read through this whole post, please reply below with your favorite moment of this summer so far! Would love to get to know some things about my readers ❤

Sweet Tuesday Evenings.

Sweet Tuesday Evenings.

Hello lovely birds, I apologize for my absence and leaving all you lovely people hanging. Although I didn’t want to bore you with photo’s of myself all the time and look like some snobby self struck young woman who can’t get enough of herself. Which I am not for the record.

I did feel that this photo is worth sharing though, it was taken only about an hour ago when it was still light out.. I just realized its only 8:44 PM and it’s already pretty dark out :C That makes me a little sad in the heart.. August has definitely taken a turn towards Autumn. In July it was light out until about 10PM! Which was amazing. But I guess summer is almost over, so we better enjoy our last summer days while they last. I, myself will be spending most of my Summer and Autumn working indoors sadly enough. I hope the outcome is lots of money and wishing to move to Vancouver maybe for Winter & Spring, but we will see where life takes me.

Feeling a bit more confident today, after work I got all dolled up, thought my boyfriend may be going boating so I thought that would be my chance to film a video.. But he didn’t want to go without me (which is lame) but I don’t blame him because i’m fabulous. So I only got around to taking some photos and this is my favorite out of tonight’s bunch. However, another day passes and I have yet again failed myself and whom ever out there actually wants to see a new video from me. Maybe tomorrow? It’s too dark now and I don’t have good lighting in my house 😦