About a month ago I was contacted by a very lovely employee of the LookBookStore.com, which is an online fashion store. Vanessa invited me to be apart of their “blogger program” to help promote a couple of their items. She was nice enough to send me two items for free to enjoy and review for you lovely birds out there! ❤


Seeing as the weather has taken a huge turn and we await the arrival of the snow, the items I chose were to keep warm, but stay fashionable at the same time 😉 . My first item is this “oversized” knit cardigan, now.. It COULD be oversized if I was 5’5″, being 5’8″ though, this is more just a medium-long cardigan. The sleeves don’t reach my wrists which doesn’t really bother me, the zipper is a bit on the cheap side, other than that i love this knit cardigan! ❤ I think it would be even more awesome if it had a hood! Just sayin ❤


This knit cardigan costs $42.00. You can find it here!



My next was my favorite thing on the entire website! Which is this WICKED “Black Faux Fur Coat”. I’m super excited to wear this for halloween, and throughout the winter! This actually keeps me pretty dang warm and fits me PERFECT. This retails at $86.00 & is sooo soft yet fierce!

You can purchase the coat here!:

http://www.lookbookstore.co/collections/outerwears/products/black-faux-fur-coatIMG_3667  fuzcoatfurr

I love love looove the products I was sent and I highly recommend checking out their selection! Thanks again Vanessa you were very well spoken and understanding to my needs and questions! x



Miz Lulu


Hello lovelies!


I thought it was time for an update since my hair will only be growing longer! Haha you may not be able to notice but I have a pimple connected to my lip but its only really making the bottom lip look more plump xD

What are you doing this lovely evening? Hope you’re all well! And hello to all my new followers! Excited to have everyone on board!


Much love,


Greeting World, I am sad but I remain calm and collect.

Hello lovely people. I apologize for not being as active as i would like to be. I’ve been procrastinating lately.. I have some sad news.. My grandmother passed away 2 days ago. What i have learnt from this heartbreak is that, i cannot be mad at the world for my grandmother’s time being up. I can only appreciate being alive and having the time with her that i had. If not for her i would have no place in this world. Which makes me extremely sad, but proud to be apart of my family that has chosen me through love and affection. I am sad for very many reasons, I am mature enough to not dwell and drown in my sorrows to feel sorry for myself. But happy for my life and the people in it.


I would like everyone who reads this to take a couple moments out of their day, busy or not, to call someone who you love and tell them that you love them 🙂


I never got a last chance to.

Here is yours ❤


xx Lucy

Greeting Lovely Humans

Greetings human friends! I wanted to give a hello to all my followers out there! There are quite a few new followers and I welcome you with both arms wide open. So I welcome you to my blog and hope you have enjoyed your stay so far! My hands are cold typing this and I hope yours are toasty warm while reading.

Oh happy December I am so glad you decided to snow yesterday and today. It wouldn’t have felt like December without waking up to the fluffy white snow outside my cute little house that I share with my boyfriend and new cat – we just adopted (which I will be posting pictures and a blog about him this week!). If you’ve made it this far through the post i’m going to tell you a bit of a secret which is really the farthest thing from a secret now that i’m telling you …Well lets just break the ice 🙂 I’m baked as fok. I personally LOVE to smoke weed and drink tea & coffee, whilst smoking the ganja I love to explore blogs (which is how some of you found my blog!) I love seeing what other people are thinking, having the freedom to type out our thoughts for the world to see, for those who actually want to see, I find very fascinating. I can always find similarities in all of us, as different and strange as we may make ourselves from one another, we can always relate on some term. I promise you that. — So I live out in the mountains eh? Down by the lake, right. A country girl you might call me.. Or perhaps Kootenay girl would be the correct term.

Anyways this is getting out of hand and too many branches to climb so I thank YOU for stopping by and taking a liking to my blog! Please, I welcome you to be as active as you want on my blog! I love reading everything you have to say! I am always looking for a conversation and new things, so please feel free to comment and be active on my blog ❤ If you happen to be a fellow stoner please let me know! We can share stories and fun facts or other silly things and interesting music!

Bye for now!

A random Tuesday off.

Had a nice trip to town with my boyfriend today. Went for a visit at my parents house which they had set up a birthday treasure hunt (birthday was last Monday) which resulted in me receiving $240 for my bday present 😊

We ate at el taco, a Mexican restaurant in town. I had the one pound seafood burrito. Delish.

I missed yesterday’s photo even though its only day 3 (laughs pathetically at my failure) however my excuse is I was in pain the entire day, I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder. My left arm was numb and in some sort of strange pain. Anywho, I slept with my arm down last night because I always sleep on my stomach with my arms up above my head, and I am better today 😊

I hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday!
Oh ya, and we went for a car wash ride (picture below)



A photo a day challenge?

I want to trigger my inner&outer beauty by taking a photo of myself (in this modern world we now refer to this as a #selfie) everyday for hopefully a full year to show confidence as I grow into the woman I am to become 🙂 here is a couple I’ve already snapped.




I’ve created an instagram specifically for this! So feel free to follow me and let me know you found me through my blog!