♡ $2.62 ♡ h e a r t ♡ s u n n i e s ♡

♡ these heart glasses come in 5 different shades! ♡ CLICK FOR HEART SUNNIES! x o m i z  l u l u YOUTUBE/ LOOKBOOK Advertisements

$13.97 – Crushed Velvet Kimono

This dusty pink, crushed velvet kimono is absolutely divine! I cannot explain to you how much I am in love with this kimono. I feel like a modernized 50’s house wife in this lovely velvet drapery i’ve acquired. Where did I get such a lovely piece you may ask? And only for $13.97! Some of […]


JBABY ♡ LOVE Model: Jacquie-Lynn Re’ne Photograph: Miz Lulu xo Miz Lulu YOUTUBE/ FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TUMBLR / LOOKBOOK/ TWITTER

❄ A few moments with Jess Brown ❄

Today I have my roommate and  very close friend with me to interview! & It just so happens to be her birthday! So hello and happy birthday to you Jess! I hope you have a beautiful year ❤ What do you dream about? I constantly dream about the future, what is next for me in […]

♡ 5 Quick Valentines Day Outfit Ideas ♡

Hello my lovelies ♡ I hope you are having a splendid February. Wether you’re in a relationship or single at the moment, here are some fun quick outfits I threw together for some Valentines Day or Anti-Valentines Day inspiration ♡ Music: Oh Love – Wildlight http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Wildlight/Hers_Was_As_Thunder/Wildlight_-_Hers_Was_As_Thunder_-_04_Oh_Love_1274 xo Miz Lulu FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TUMBLR / […]

You ever think.. ?

You know those days.. When you’ve worked a 9 hour shift and all you want to do is go home and relax and have a good time.. But suddenly somehow someone can ruin it by arguing with you about stupid shit like meat sauce? Yah. Me too. What the fuck people, i come home after […]